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My First DIY Skateboard (CMM)

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Creative Mix Media Art - Suits 4 years old to 8 years old

Duration: 4 sessions at 1 hour 30 minutes per session.

Period: From the week of 8th Sept 2021 until the week of 29th Sept 2021.

Learning Points:

- Different types of skateboards

- Paper mâche

- Pop Art Style of Drawing




Skateboarding is not only a sport, but also a life attitude and a spiritual culture. Skateboarding is cool, regardless of age, gender, or race. As long as you step on it, your youthful, fashionable and cool flavor will be exuded.

Every night in the park, in the square. Usually, there is a group of people who are skateboarding. Whether you like to play tricks, use a long board with flying speed, or a romantic dance board. When you are skating, the aura and attention that emanate from you must be the envy of others.

If you are also a skateboarding lover, if you are also preparing to learn skateboarding, join us in the world of skateboarding and make your own DIY skateboard!

意言社 Artistori


Your Story, Your Art

Existing Creative Mix Media Art little artists, please join

Instructions on Projects (Challenges) for Certification purposes:

Keen to sign up?


Resumption of Physical Classes


Account, Communication & Payment Matters


We constantly seek to improve and do better, with strong belief that art education is beneficial for everyone including adults. Even if art is not part of your academic aim, art improves any individual’s perspective, character, and well-being.


We will still need to adhere to the new norm of life, measures and precautions that ensures our hygiene...


Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Vernon Chen

Art is a journey, it never stops.

意言社 Artistori


Your Story, Your Art

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