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Artistori Art Education Career

Join Us for a Fulfilling Career in Art Education

Art Educator

Are you passionate about art education and loves to create every form of arts as a class and loves to be with children? 


Do you value the importance of an individual's development through arts and understand the importance of how the arts can transform any individual with essential life skills, soft skills and academics?

We need experienced art educators who:

  1. knows and can apply inquiry-based pedagogy into class.

  2. loves to generate curriculum ideas and build effective curriculums.

  3. is experienced with teaching a range of ages from 2 years old to senior citizens.

  4. believes that parents are co-agents to children's educational development.

  5. believes that fun, engaging and enthusiastic classrooms promotes effective learning.

  6. believes being an educator is a multiple role in communication, learning, and discovering, collaborating and mentoring with students.


  1. You are a Teacher.

  2. You have good communication and presentation skills.

  3. You have excellent classroom, time and student management skills.

  4. You have strong initiative and attitude towards nurturing, teaching and learning.

  5. You are artistic and creative and have a strong knowledge of fine art techniques.


  1. You have at least a diploma in art, art education, visual arts, literacy arts, fine arts.

  2. If you are certified with early childhood qualifications, this will be an added advantage.

  3. If you have skills and experience in pottery and ceramics, this will also be an added advantage.

  4. If you have skills and experience in digital platforms, this will also be an added advantage.

Creativity and Originality

This is our core belief. Our approach connects children together through Inquiry-based methods, defining projects that expresses imagination, ideas and creativity.


We believe in a vibrant class that is full of life and happiness. Every individual will be interested and educated in every project topic. We bring the world to them through story-telling, presentations and discussions that leads on excitement, inspiration, interests and understanding, generating tonnes of ideas as a community.

Art is a journey, it never stops. Their own ways, their own stories and their own desire to create, leading them with the application of art, beginning with discoveries, tries, mistakes, solutions, mix mediums, techniques, aesthetics and the eagerness to complete and eventually, Artistori wants to share with the world about their creative journey and their very own masterpieces!

About Artistori






About Artistori CN

Artistori's Missions

Through art, we nurture children, teenagers to adults to become planners, critical thinkers, big picture thinkers, creative problem solvers, determined and disciplined individuals who can focus and concentrate on methodical approaches.

We inspire individuals to become artists, expressing new ideas, imaginations and feelings through art as a medium, in all art disciplines, in all forms of creativity, style and language, digitally and physically where originality and uniqueness is valued in all masterpieces.

We aim to make the world know about every artists presence and art works on an international level, through online and offline means.

Artistori Missions





Artistori Missons CN

Artistori's Vision

  • Artistori envisions to be the leading art educator in Asia where:

  • art education is not just a simple art technique teaching syllabus. We strongly believe art can take a person to a better and greater level defining lifelong skills and distinguished personalities;

  • teaching approaches are constantly improved, re-invented;

  • creativity has no limits;

  • the newest ideas are forged to create inspiring art masterpieces, leading the hearts of all ages to enkindle interest and passion;

  • the most interesting and creative curriculums are originally produced;

  • aspiring art teachers and art educators are trained here to drive our mission and follow our vision.

Artistori Vision



  • 坚信艺术可以为人们的生活提供一个更高、更好,甚至成就为终身技能的杰出个性人才;

  • 不断改进与创新的教学方法;

  • 创意无极限;

  • 汇聚最新创意,打造鼓舞人心的课堂气氛,点燃年轻艺术家们的兴趣和激情;

  • 遵循儿童的发展潜能,保留儿童原创艺术;

  • 激励与培训年轻的艺术教育者以推动我们的教育使命,成就我们的愿景。

Artistori Vision CN


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