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Careers with Artistori

Creative Visual Art Teacher 创意美术老师

Artistori is looking for part-time teachers and full-time teachers who are passionate about educating and creating art with kids and loves to with children. If you value the importance of a child's development through art and understand the importance of a child's original artwork, we want you!

  1. Are you adaptable to changes, challenges and new ways of doing crazy things?;

  2. Are you a creative, fun and a person with a "Just Do It!" mentality?;

  3. Are you patient and kind towards children and loves to be with children?;

  4. Do you believe that children have the ability to create a wonder art masterpiece on their own?


我们在寻找富有热情,愿意与孩子一起创作艺术的艺术老师。这位老师的价值观是要理解原创艺术对于一个孩子的重要性,通过艺术的学习来发掘孩子的潜在能力及审美观。工作性质 :

  1. 能够接受新鲜的教学方法并实施在自己的教学当中。

  2. 发掘新的艺术想法在新的艺术项目。

  3. 需要孩子和家长建立良好的关系。


The Right Candidate

  • We welcome students who are about to graduate from an art school (NAFA / Lasalle / SOTA);

  • Candidates from Art Education background;

  • We welcome candidates who have experience and qualifications in Early Childhood (Diploma) but already has a Diploma or higher as an Art Educator;

  • Fun and has a natural way to easily connect and engage with children;

  • Patient and loves to be with children;

  • Willing to create and discover everything about art and craft and become children's best friend;

  • Creative and passionate about art and craft;

  • Able to lead and has good classroom management and presentation skills.

条件 :

  • 我们欢迎即将从美术院校毕业的学生。

  • 我们欢迎拥有美术文凭的老师。

  • 我们欢迎有学前教育经验但同时拥有大专美术文凭的老师。

  • 亲和力强,风趣幽默,耐心并富有热诚与孩子沟通。

  • 愿意和孩子在创意的海洋一起探索与创造属于孩子自己的作品,成为他们的大朋友。

  • 能够带领班级呈现良好的课室管理技巧以及丰富的传达能力。


Contact Us to apply.

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