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About Artistori

Artistori is a Singapore brand established in 2013 by 2 artist teachers, Vernon Chen and Charlotte Yuan, who values the educational process and benefits of art making and mean making. By combining storytelling, inquiry-based and emergent teaching methodologies, both have created a studio environment that values and respects children’s opinions, fosters children’s sense of belonging and participation in changes. Artistori holds classes like a mainstream school where children join into similar timeslots regularly once a week and be engaged into a similar topic as a class. Children eventually grow to know each other very well through the years of being with Artistori and become best friends. Till date, the artworks produced have already claimed some gold, silver and bronze awards in local art contests as well as Japan and Taiwan, Republic of China international art contests. Where imperfection is the beginning process of Creativity and Originality, the motivation of both sees every individual as a confident, daring, unique and wonderful artist, worthy of all the guidance and patience. Artistori’s vibrant classes are full of life and happiness where fun and interesting curriculum leads every individual into art project topics that spark curiosity, enthusiasm and knowledge. They desire every individual to adapt to the ability of attempting mistakes, discovering miracles, choosing unique approaches, persisting on self-perspectives and executing changes when problems arise. This entire process is valued and yearn for the details, thoughts, reflections and opinions through speech, public speaking and presentations. Artistori’s studio environment and curriculum reflects the real world. Annually, Artistori holds fund-raising events that engages children to participate together to help beneficiaries. Everybody can start learning about the real world through art and through art, they belief in nurturing children, teenagers to adults to become presenters, producers, planners, critical thinkers, big picture thinkers, creative problem solvers, determined and disciplined leaders who can focus and concentrate on methodical approaches and at the same time, adapt to changes and move ahead. For the 21st century individual is at the abundance of Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and New Media technologies, art is no longer restricted to just painting as aesthetics. Art is a new media voice, a must-have skill, that communicates and influences through all forms of creativity, style and language, digitally and physically, where originality and uniqueness are the break-through. 

Artistori Experience


Artistori is Reggio Emilia Inspired

Reggio Emilia Inspired

Artistori uses the inquiry-based teaching approach to lead children and kids into amazing art works

Teaching Approach

Artistori turns stories into art

Stories into Art

Artistori turns Art into Stories

From Art into Stories


From Art to Life and Life to Art

Art  to Life
Life to Art




Best Outdoor Experience

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