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Visual & Fine Art Tuition

If you have a purpose for examination submissions such as 'N' levels art, 'O' Levels art or 'A' levels art or to build an impressive portfolio for application into a higher academic level such as secondary schools with Art Elective Programme (AEP), School of the Arts (SOTA), Lasalle College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) or polytechnics with requirements of prior practice in visual art and/or fine art, this is the right programme for you.


Visual Fine Art Tuition is packaged into a number of projects, with a focus in fundamental art techniques from basics, intermediate, advance levels, 2D, 3D to digital art. A course of these projects demonstrates dynamism, variety and the various art forms and mediums. Art class can be held at Artistori art school or at your own home, depending on preference.


本艺术补习课程主要重点针对学生强化从素描、水彩、写生、不同艺术混合材质创作、3D 雕塑到电脑绘画等技能。带领学生建立属于自己独特风格的艺术作品,并指导如何在报考艺术考试中展现自己与自己的作品以及面试要领与技巧。


  • 有艺术考试的目的,例如“N Level 艺术”、“O Level 艺术”或“A Level”艺术,

  • 建立印象深刻的艺术作品集以申请更高的艺术学院,例如具有艺术选修课程 (AEP) 的中学),艺术学院(SOTA),拉萨尔艺术学院,南洋美术学院(NAFA)或具有视觉美术实践要求的理工学院。

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