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Measures and Precautions for Safe Physical Class Resumption

On behalf of Artistori and all teachers, I want to express a heartfelt big Thank you to those working in the frontlines and essential services. For all who have stayed home and endured, it’s soon going to be over! We can finally be out to dine and socialize, in a restrictive way. I look forward to meeting everyone in person again!

Physical classes will resume from 24th June 2020 Wednesday onwards.

However, we will still need to adhere to the new norm of life, measures and precautions that ensures our hygiene. In summary, Artistori classes will adhere to safety measures and guidelines imposed by the government with SafeEntry required by everyone entering and leaving our premise.

Timeslots and allocation will have slight changes. Please check details below:

Face masks, Temperature and SafeEntry checking at our main door before entry:

  1. Only students attending lessons are allowed entry to Artistori with face masks worn at all times;

  2. Temperature checks will still be in place before entry to Artistori;

  3. SafeEntry check-in will be checked before entry to Artistori. Parents or guardians will need to help out with this if the student cannot perform the check-in by themselves;

  4. Parents or Guardians must wait outside Artistori unless there is any administration needs.Ple ase arrange an appointment with us through email or WhatsApp.

Regular Handwashing:

  1. Anyone entering our premise will be required to have hands washed with soap after all checks are performed.

  2. For those visiting the toilet, entry back again to our premise will require hands washed with soap.

Hygiene: All tables, chairs, doorknobs and commonly touched areas will be sanitized regularly.

Social Distancing, Grouping and Crowd Management:

  1. Floor markers to manage queue lines for entry to Artistori and hand washing area must be observed at all times;

  2. Students will be allocated into fixed groups of up to 5;

  3. Every class will have 2 group tables to allocate each group. Tables will observe 1 metre social distancing in between;

  4. Every class can only cater up to 11 people therefore, we will only allocate with a ratio of 1:10 or 2:9;

  5. Teachers will manage hand washing by groups;

  6. Dismissal of class will be managed individually and up to 5 leaving Artistori at 1 time. In other words, all students will need to remain in their respective class group tables;

  7. Upon commencement of another class timing, Artistori common area tables will have table markings, observing social distancing, to allocate seating arrangement for those waiting for parents or guardians to fetch;

  8. There will be slight changes to timeslots to stagger the entry and exit of students.

Please communicate with your children about the measures in place as well.

Thank you! 😊

Yours Sincerely,

Vernon Chen

Art is a journey, it never stops.



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