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Japanese Food Still Life (AF)

Art Foundation - 8 years old to 11 years old

Duration: 7 sessions at 2 hours per session.

Period: From the week of 31st March 2021 until the week of 12th May 2021.

Learning Points:

- Observational skills

- Still life sketch on Japanese food

- The concept behind the beauty of Japanese food display collage

- Watercolour techniques, tips and tricks

- Inking for watercolour techniques

Japanese Food is everywhere in Singapore! Kids love to eat Sushi, adults love Sashimi and let us remind you of the tantalizing tempura and tonkatsu that is just so crispy and yummy! The best part about Japanese food is how they display and portion for you on a set menu where you simply just get all the nutrients and delicacy in some Japanese restaurants. The display itself is an art. Colours, size and the price matters so much...

In this upcoming Art Foundation, our junior artists will be practising still life sketches of various Japanese foods. From their sketches, we will teach them watercolour tips, tricks and techniques to achieve the right colours and watercolor painting effects for their Japanese food still life sketches. With these combination of skills taught, look forward to Art Foundation junior artists final artwork on their very own Japanese food display set! Perhaps, this shall inspire chefs around the world for their menu creation!

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We constantly seek to improve and do better, with strong belief that art education is beneficial for everyone including adults. Even if art is not part of your academic aim, art improves any individual’s perspective, character, and well-being.


We will still need to adhere to the new norm of life, measures and precautions that ensures our hygiene...


Our classes will be equipped with cameras to include concurrent online classes together with physical classes.


Thank you!

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Vernon Chen

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