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If Dinosaurs Comes Back (CMM)

Creative Mix Media Art - Suits 4 years old to 8 years old

Creative Mix Media Art - Suits 4 years old to 8 years old

Duration: 3 sessions at 1 hour 30 minutes per session.

Period: From the week of 14th July 2021 until the week of 28th July 2021.

Learning Points:

  • Marker Doodle Art

  • Watercolor techniques

  • Mix Media Art

It is said that children all over the world, regardless of age and gender, all like dinosaurs. From dinosaur picture books, dinosaur toys, dinosaur museums, etc, these attract the attention of countless children and the gigantic figures becomes the first friend of many children. These huge ancient creatures are an infinite imagination space. Who knows exactly how dinosaurs really looked like 65 million years ago? Nobody! Artistori wants to lead our little artists further into the ancient world of dinosaurs. Imagine what would happen if the asteroid had missed earth? If the dinosaurs were not extinct, what would the world be like? What if dinosaurs came to our real life? Are dinosaurs really that fierce? Perhaps, they can talk?

Instructions on Projects (Challenges) for Certification purposes:

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We constantly seek to improve and do better, with strong belief that art education is beneficial for everyone including adults. Even if art is not part of your academic aim, art improves any individual’s perspective, character, and well-being.


We will still need to adhere to the new norm of life, measures and precautions that ensures our hygiene...


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