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Animation Basics (AP)

Art Preneurship - Suits 12 years old and above

Digital Art Project

Duration: 5 sessions at 2 hrs per session Period: Week of 26th May 2021 to the week of 23rd June 2021

Learning Points:

  • Brief history of animation

  • Animation as Infographics

  • Photoshop Basic Tools

  • Photoshop Timeline

  • Storyboarding

With 5G happening today and with more younger groups having smart phones, our world is influenced with videos and animations easily. A good example will be the information panels installed by the government in elevators showcasing infographics. Today’s videos are not just videography of real life objects. To bring out information better, real life videos include digital animated art.

In this upcoming Art Preneurship project, our young artists will be led to create their own short animated gifs that represents a story or a meaning. We hope that this Animation Basics project shows and leads them to create more animated infographics for a greater cause.

Existing Art Preneurship students, join

Instructions on Projects (Challenges) for Certification purposes:

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Account, Communication & Payment Matters


Summary of Updates and Changes in 2020 and Going Forth

We constantly seek to improve and do better, with strong belief that art education is beneficial for everyone including adults. Even if art is not part of your academic aim, art improves any individual’s perspective, character, and well-being.


Measures and Precautions for Safe Physical Class Resumption

We will still need to adhere to the new norm of life, measures and precautions that ensures our hygiene...


Physical and Online Class Implementation

Our classes will be equipped with cameras to include concurrent online classes together with physical classes.


Thank you!

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Vernon Chen

Art is a journey, it never stops.




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Your Story, Your Art

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