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Annual Outdoor Camp 2018

It may have rained the whole day but the spirits of our little artists and junior artists were high! The rain brought along colors into our paintings and the rain brought us together in a shelter. The rain stopped and we anticipated to begin our mission challenge. The rain began and we waited. We sang our cheers and we sang for the rain to go away. On and off, this didn't dampen our spirits. With the help of parents, tents were setup together and the BBQ fire was setup well in the rain. It's positivity in everybody that drives ourselves to push for amazing possibilities and results.

Artistori thank all parents for their patience and endurance in the rain and especially will like to thank:

- Hugo's daddy, Roel's daddy and Charlene & Charmaine's daddy for their help with the BBQ and distribution of food.

- Andrea's parent, Seraphina's daddy, Timo, Sara & Sophie's parents for helping out with tents.

- Jiamin's daddy for the pizza contribution

意言社 Artistori


Your Story, Your Art

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