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Dear Parents/Guardians,

On behalf of all teachers, thank you very much for your continuous support for Artistori. As you may not know, we have students who have started with us since they were in kindergarten and today, they are still learning with us already in their teens in secondary school. We have achieved much with students using DSA Visual Arts to enter their desired secondary school and have achieved gold and silver awards in international art competitions. Our pursuit of quality, substance, artistry, creativity, and originality has always been our goal and we remain constantly zealous to provide your children with the best art education and artistic environment.

The practice of art is seen by many with different perspectives. Whether the purpose is for DSA, training of artistic technical skills, leisure, destress or pure interest, the role of artmaking, perceiving art, and art education have always been a domain that is correlated with all other domains such as English, our second languages, science, etc that manifests itself in the science of learning. With Artistori’s methodology of art education, our entire process develops analytical and critical thinking, creativity, aesthetics, teamwork, adaptability, flexibility, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, expressivity, presentation, and time management soft skills that are needed in our everchanging society.

The benefits of art education in Artistori
Artistori's Art Making Process Chart

With the inevitable exposure and reliance on artificial intelligence, the information and technological reliance will require these soft skills to make better decisions, organize, and implement the next steps for our future endeavours. Instead of reliance, leveraging technology with these soft skills ultimately creates better opportunities in learning.

I believe you must have witnessed our improvements in 2023, from providing updates about the progress of your child to the opportunity of public speaking and presentations through art. Artistori has always been different from mainstream art education and all other art studios and art schools. Staying as a niche and being very much competitive with a growth mindset as a company, Artistori desires to stay ahead to take the lead in the art education domain. Artistori is very grateful to have your support and is very happy to be acquainted with your family. We want more families to believe in the importance of art education and how Artistori’s methodology can help children for life. By launching the new Free Lesson Credits Rebate System that can incentivise you with a maximum of 5 free lesson credits in a calendar year, what you have witness in us can reach more people and allow other families to know of our existence and how Artistori can help. Although we may have restructured our fees to meet with raising costs, GST and inflation, the Free Lesson Credits Rebate System grants an opportunity to you to reduce the cost of fees in Artistori.

Once again, Artistori is appreciative for your continuous support and your belief in us. Let’s look forward to a positive and bright future 2024 together!

Yours Sincerely,

Vernon Chen, M.Ed.


Art is a journey, it never stops.

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