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High Five to 5 Free Lessons!

Free Lesson Credits Rebate System

Artistori Free Lesson Credits Rebate - High Five

A maximum of 5 Free Lesson Credits are to be awarded to each Artistori student in a calendar year.

Each post will award each Artistori student with 1 Free Lesson Credit.


To post publicly on social media, reviews or recommendations online:

  1. How has your child benefited from Artistori's art education programme?

  2. What improvements or positive feedback have you witnessed in your child?

  3. How has Artistori's art education methodology changed your perspective towards learning?

Posting requirements

  1. Include the most recent project presentation video and photos.

  2. Post must be done within 2 weeks after the most recent presentation video and final photos are released.

  3. Must hashtag #Artistori #creativeartandspeech #fineartandpublicspeaking #visualartsandpresentations Screenshot and WhatsApp us.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Free Lesson Credits awarded will be automatically added to the current ongoing existing lessons package.

  • Criteria for per Free Lesson Credit is awarded based on the most recent completed project. Per project post will award a maximum of 1 Lesson Credit. Posting multiple posts onto different social media platforms, reviews or recommendations will not stack the amount of Free Lesson Credits.

  • Only a maximum of 5 Lesson Credits will be awarded to each Existing Customer in a calendar year.

  • Free Lesson Credits cannot be exchanged for any other programmes such as Holiday Workshops, Art Jamming, etc.  

  • Free Lesson Credits cannot be transferred to another Existing Customer and/or person.

  • Free Lesson Credits cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash or money.

  • All Lesson Credits policy applies to Free Lesson Credits as well.

  • Artistori reserves the right to reject, turn down or refuse any request or customer.

  • Full terms and conditions:

WhatsApp: 88765551

WeChat ID: Artistori

Xiaohongshu 小红书 ID: Artistori

意言社 Artistori


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