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March Outdoor Drawing Field Trip 2015 3月户外写生+BBQ活动

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After raising $170 for the field trip from our New Year Party on 4th January 2015, our little artists have concluded a trip to Pasir Ris Park out of many suggestions. Some of them mentioned that the playground over there is really fun, some wanted to go for a picnic and some wanted to BBQ. To make it interesting, we have included an outdoor drawing session, invited our beneficiary SPCA and have BBQ for dinner! Everyone wants to BBQ marshmallows! 继新年拜对结束后经过大家的共同努力,我们共筹集了$170,经过大家的共同讨论,我们决定去巴西立公园进行一次户外写生+BBQ活动,并邀请了SPCA与我们讲解关于爱护动物的相关知识。 Here are the details of this field trip: 1.00pm to 1.30pm: Board bus from Tampines Mart (For those with no private transport and stay far from Pasir Ris) 1.30pm to 2.30pm: Gather at site and settle down. 2.30pm to 3.30pm: Meet SPCA 3.30pm to 5.30pm: Outdoor Drawing 6.00pm to 9.30pm: BBQ and fun 详细内容: 1:00-1:30pm:从Tampines Mart出发到 巴西立公园(没有自驾车的家庭) 1:30-2:30pm:目的地安排放置东西,准备。 2:30-3:30pm:SPCA 3:30-5:30pm: 户外写生 6:00-9:30pm:BBQ Who can go? This is open to all our little artists. Parents can tag along too.开放给意言社所有的小画家,家长可跟随一起。 Requirements for Outdoor Drawing? Must be K2 and above due to the difficulty on observation and techniques of still life. 1 lesson will counted for this outdoor drawing and will be automatically deducted from little artists' regular lesson count. 户外写生相关要求: 户外写生需要观察与相关绘画技巧,我们要求年龄在k2及以上的学生进行。这次互外写生将算进一节课的时间并自动从小画家的课程里扣除。 Fees? We have utilized $40 for 2 BBQ pits. Now we have $130 dollars. The rest will be for bus and food. Fees will be free for now but if total number of participants exceed the budget here, we will need to collect a little from everyone to manage the cost. 费用: 我们已经用了$40 订了两个烧烤炉。现在还有$130是用在巴士和食物。费用目前是免费,但是如果参加的人数过多我们会从每位参加者那里收取一些费用。 What should you bring? 1. Water bottle with sling for outdoor drawing 2. Wet tissue and dry tissue 3. Insect Repellents 4. Jacket or wind-breaker if it gets cold 5. Ground-sheet or mat to relax by the beach 6. Sunblock 7. Sunglasses 8. Your special recipe to contribute to the BBQ? =D 需要带什么: 1.带带子的水壶(互外写生用) 2.湿纸巾或纸巾 3.防蚊水 4.外套以免风大的情况下 5.户外野餐地垫 6.防晒霜、太阳镜 7.特家秘制的食物分享? :P What to wear? Wear comfy with slippers or sports shoes. What if it rains? Weather for that day: It's predicted to be a Sunny day!! Yeeeaaahhh!!! =D 意言社 Artistori 用艺术表达语言,让语言丰富艺术! Your Story, Your Art!

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