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意言社 Artistori T-shirt

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Our little artists were thrilled when they heard about going outdoor to paint and camp on 19th March 2016. However, they had to solve the problem of going out in groups with the risk of getting lost and not recognising school mates from Artistori. So Artistori asked them for solutions and we came to the conclusion of making our own Artistori T-shirts. Now this made them even more excited because all of our little artists love our logo. The question is, "How do we put our logo onto the T-shirt? Draw and paint? This will be too difficult. Send to a factory to print? This will be too expensive." So, Artistori introduced silk-screen to our little artists and it was an eye-opener for them to know that such fine printing can also be done without a machine. So, they had Artistori logo on the back of their T-shirts but it's too plain for the front now, so by using shapes, they designed and decorated their T-shirts they way they love it! Their own T-shirts hand printed by themselves! If you like what they do, please like and share to support them! Thank you!

当我们的小画家们听说今年的3月19号将会在白沙公园开展一年一度的户外水彩写生露营活动,大家都非常的兴奋。但是, 白沙当天会有很多的人,怎样才能够在户外的场所让老师和大家简单容易的认清彼此呢?我们在一起开始针对这个问题展开讨论,最终得出结论:意言社必须要有自己的t-shirt,要把logo放在衣服上,这样大家就会很容易找到自己的伙伴。问题是:怎么把logo放在衣服上?画吗?还是印?如果送去工厂印刷,这将会非常的贵。意言社向我们的小画家介绍了丝网印刷,这种印刷方式不用机器也可以进行。我们的小画家开始学习如果使用并在自己的T-shirt背后印上的意言社的图案,但是,这和别的学校的校服没什么区别?我们要与众不同,大家开始为衣服前面设计自己喜欢的图案并亲手画上去,这样,大家即有了一样的意言社衣服但又不失自己的个性。请欣赏并为我们的小画家点赞吧!

意言社 Artistori


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