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A Meaningful Party for Kids to have funds raised for Charity: SPCA Singapore

For more information, visit our facebook events page:

More photos taken for this event:

Today, we invited our game committee members to count and witness the funds raised from our New Year Party. Other than the funds, we showed our appreciation and gratitude to them by having a pizza night, on the house. We also extend our thanks to Claris' parents: Benny Young who made cupcakes to share with the committee members. They were delicious!

So here are results, from games with most funds raised: 1. Ring Track by Jia Yu & Claris - $85 2. Mini-golf by Nicholas & Jun Jie - $60 3. Feed Me the Biscuit by Jing Qi & Valerie Tan - $58 4. River Safari by Yee Han & How Yang - $40 5. Spaghetti Can by Lingxuan Goh & Jia Hui - $34 6. Cup Tower Challenge by Kimberley Xuan & Joren - $29 7. Sort It Out by Ananya - $27 8. I Draw U Guess by Janelle Ho & Xin Tong - $25

from stalls with most funds raised: 1. Art & Craft for Sale by Wei Lina & Momo - $68 2. Art & Craft Workshops by Auntie Jolin & Ah Jie - $60 3. Face Painting by Erica Zeng - $60 4. Manicure by Renee Ong - $24

Total Funds Raised: $570.

40% of the funds will go to SPCA Singapore. - $228. 30% of the funds will go to Artistori Field Trip fund - $171. 30% of the funds will go to rental of Tampines Central CC - $171.

意言社 Artistori 用艺术表达语言,让语言丰富艺术! Your Story, Your Art!

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