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SOTA/DSA Assessment Session

Programme Overview

Artistori’s SOTA / DSA Preparatory Art Bootcamp is designed to guide Young Artists in creating a portfolio of artworks which will give them an advantage in their application to School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA) or their choice of Secondary school through the Direct School Admission (DSA) Programme via the Visual Arts route.

Our focus is to help Young Artists create a portfolio that demonstrates a strong coverage of subject matter areas required by the admissions committee and gives them a distinct advantage in the application process.

From beginners to seasoned Young Artists, we offer a bespoke programme designed to help develop artistic and creative potential and hone clarity of thought when developing ideas that best reflect our Young Artist’s artistic vision.

About the Assessment

The assessment session is designed to help us understand what our Young Artists would be needed to move forward with their DSA submission.

1. Skill Test

2. Creativity test

3. Review of the current body of works

4. Each student will receive assessment feedback and individualized action plan

Duration: 1 hour


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