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DSA Success Stories - Entry to Hwa Chong Institution and Victoria School

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Last year, Isaiah successfully entered Victoria School through Visual Arts DSA-Sec! This year, Yue Han entered Hwa Chong Institution's Art Elective Programme (AEP) with great showcase of his proud works done in Artistori. We couldn't be prouder, feeling accomplished and we congratulate their success!

Direct School Admission (DSA) is a process where students can apply to various schools before taking the PSLE. Students are selected based on their talent in the arts, sports, CCAs, or other specific academic areas. Students may opt for DSA for a couple of reasons:

  1. DSA secures you a spot at your desired school based on your talent. DSA provides a pathway for students to gain acceptance to secondary schools or JCs through their abilities in co-curricular activities outside of national examinations.

  2. You want to develop your talent at a specific school Certain schools are known for their specific programs and alumni. For instance, you might want your child to grow their talent in the arts at the School of The Arts, Singapore (SOTA)

  3. Academics might not be your strong suit DSA might be beneficial for students who are not academically confident, this can be a way to use their talent to secure a spot at a good school.

For our detailed guide on DSA, check out Artistori's Ultimate Guide To Entering SOTA and other Top Secondary Schools using Visual Arts DSA.

It's time to look at our students with successful DSA entries and take a look at their journey.

Yue Han - Successfully Chosen for Hwa Chong's AEP

Yue Han's journey with Artistori started in Primary 3. He first joined our Creative Fine Art program (P2-P4) and went on to upgrade to our Creative Visual Arts program (P5 and above).

From 3D modeling to oil painting to watercolor, Yue Han built a portfolio of works at Artistori that he used to submit for the Art Elective Programme (AEP) at Hwa Chong Institution.

We are so proud of him and wish him all the best for his new journey at Haw Chong Institution!

Isaiah - Successful Entry to Victoria School

Say hi to Isaiah - Isaish's journey creative journey with us began when he was in Primary 2. Curious and detailed, Isaish has always shown a flair for the arts.

Coupled with his academic credentials, Isaish successfully got into Victoria School and into the Integrated Programme, a 6-year course leading to the GCE A-Level examination.

Great Job Isaiah - we look forward to seeing you grow as an artist and keep expanding your skills.

About our SOTA / DSA Preparatory Art Bootcamp

Artistori's proven SOTA / DSA Preparatory Art Bootcamp is designed to help you develop a powerful portfolio, which will help you get an advantage in the application process to SOTA or other top secondary schools.

Our work with young artists is about more than just building a portfolio. It's about giving you a distinct advantage in the application process, so you can stand out from the crowd.

We'll help you develop a portfolio of works that demonstrate a strong coverage of subject matter areas and expertise across various fine art and digital mediums as required by the admissions committee, so as to give you a distinct advantage in the application process.

What you can expect

Artistori is a unique school that offers an education that is focused on the process of creativity. Our programs are designed to build skills and develop talent in young people who want to learn about art, design, and visual literacy.

Our DSA / SOTA program offers the following:

  1. Building versatility and competence across a wide range of mediums and methods - The program exposes artists to traditional mediums like oil painting, watercolor, and sketching, as well as digital mediums like photoshop and blender 3d. This helps develop their versatility across a wide range of mediums - from fine art to sketching to digital media.

  2. Equal focus on the journey and outcome - Through weekly reflections and sharing sessions, we instill the habit of learning, reflecting on the process, and creating original outcomes. Through this process, we work with our Young Artists to create original pieces of art that reflect their unique personalities, experiences, and worldviews.

  3. Building presentation skills - With the right tools, you can make a strong impression. In our program, we provide Young Artists with all the tools they need to develop their delivery skills. Our experienced teachers provide feedback on each and every presentation so that students can improve their presentation skills at Artistori.

Secure Your Child's Future, sign up for our SOTA/DSA Preparatory Art Bootcamp

To kickstart your child's journey, sign up for an assessment test. Our DSA assessment helps us understand what your child would need to move forward. The assessment will cover the following:

  1. Skills Test

  2. Creativity Test

  3. Review of their current body of work

  4. Individualized action plan and next steps

Message us at +65 8876 5551 to book your slot.


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