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Self Portrait – Wire Sculpting (FAPS)

Fine Art & Public Speaking

Suits 8 to 10 years old (P2 to P4)

Duration: 5 lessons at 2 hours per lesson

Free Trial Duration: 1 session only from 20th March 2024 to 24th March 2024 

Self-portraiture is a fascinating way for children to explore their own identity and creativity. In this lesson plan, our little artists aged 8 to 10 years old will learn to observe and replicate facial features in a contour drawing, before transforming their drawing into a 3D wire sculpture while creating their own self-portrait. This hands-on activity will not only develop their artistic skills but also encourage self-expression and reflection, encouraging our little artists to look closely at themselves and express their identity in a tangible form.

Learning Points:

  • Contour Drawing

  • Observation Skills

  • Portrait Drawing

  • Wire Sculpting

  • Presentation

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Your Story, Your Art

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