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Results: Web Design Basics

The dream of becoming an artist involves the creation of a personalised artist brand, website and social media platform identity. This basic project work has inspired our young artists into the a whole new world of visual art and digital art.

Megan's homepage created using
Megan's homepage created using

This project started off with the introduction and use of and most of them were astonished by the fact of a website being able to create websites.

They found to be fun and easy to use and after explanations and demonstrations on certain features, they started exploring, creating and discovering the features behind this website application.

Isaiah's About Me page created using
Isaiah's About Me page created using

Everybody knows, when you enjoy every little bit of what you are doing, time just flies and I guess that's how they ended. "Time's Up! What? I am not even done." in their faces.

The hardest part about this project is definitely on the writeup about themselves, how they are able to build up and categorize the information to make themselves look interesting, just like a resume or curriculum vitae. I am honored that I have actually helped some of them create their first draft of their very important resume or CV that they will truly need in their adult life.

Minimalistic website design by Ashley
Minimalistic website design by Ashley

The importance for them to note in this project is the categorization of information and how they should represent themselves as an artist to the world. The impression they should set once a viewer enters their homepage and how buttons and links lead viewers on to learn about their works and their life. Every element affects this impression - from fonts, colour schemes, pictures they choose to emphasize, etc. makes it really easy for to create their pages they desire and by dragging, dropping and some easy adjustments, our young artists realized that their website is created step by step.

We took some time to talk about cyber safety, what are the types of information not to disclose publicly and how our young artists can be reached without revealing their contact information.

These websites created in this project might be their first website and it's great progress!

I sincerely hope they will improve it bit by bit and probably create a blog that shall reach audiences subscribing.

Thank you for reading and do share with your friends, colleauges and family members. If you are keen about what is this programme, check out

Yours Sincerely,

Vernon Chen

Art is a journey, it never stops.

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