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Chinese New Year Project

Chinese New Year Project

Project Duration: 6 sessions at 2 hours per session.

Free Trial Duration: 1 session only from 27th December 2023 to 31st December 2023.

Welcome Young Artists to an exciting journey into the world of painting with Acrylic Ink! 

This project, we will be ushering in the Chinese New Year by exploring the timeless art of capturing a majestic dragon against a backdrop of stunning scenery to celebrate the year of the Dragon. Our little artists will be crafting their own mythical legends of how dragons came to be and translating them into creative visual expressions with storytelling and character design.

Let’s delve into the rich cultural heritage of Chinese lore and let your creativity soar like the mythical dragon itself!

Learning Points:

  • How to draw Dragons

  • Acrylic Ink Painting

  • Inking

  • Sketching

  • Character Design

  • Creative Composition

  • Conceptualization

  • Presentation

  • Storytelling

Whatsapp: 88765551

WeChat: Artistori

意言社 Artistori


Your Story, Your Art


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