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5 Reasons Why An Arts Education Is Important For Your Kids

5 Reasons Why An Arts Education Is Important For Your Kids

Art is not only a time for kids to get messy and play. Learning and engaging in Art have been scientifically proven to be good for children in many ways. Across the world, art education has become more of a priority in mainstream schools. With the growth of schools like School of The Arts Singapore (SOTA) and Laselle Colleague of The Arts (Laselle), we examine 5 reasons why an arts education is important for the growth and development of your children.

Whether you are looking to expose your child to various types of media or help them express themselves through art, it's never too early to start your kid's journey into the realm of arts.

1. Art Encourages A Child’s Imagination

Art helps children to develop their creative thinking, which in turn helps them to think more creatively. Developing creative thinking skills is one of the most important elements of early learning and childhood development. In today’s complex world, learning to think outside the box is key. In addition, creativity fosters mental growth by providing opportunities to try out new ideas and new ways of solving real-world problems.

2. Art Boosts Brain Power

Art and craft can benefit children’s brain development in several ways. Choices made through art improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which carry over into other areas of life. Looking at art also helps children learn visually. Interpreting, processing, and criticizing what they see are skills that can be applied in other parts of their lives.

3. Learn About Other Cultures and The Wider World

Art and music are great ways to introduce kids to different cultures and traditions around the world. Immersion in art and music can foster a sense of cultural awareness in kids. As students interpret visual imagery from artists and learn about art history, it helps them understand the concept of cultural diversity. Seeing a different culture explored through a visual medium such as sculptures or paintings helps kids process information differently than reading about it in a textbook.

4. Art Builds Emotional Wellness

Art is a powerful vehicle to help children process their feelings and figure out what they are feeling. The ability to articulate feelings is such an important skill that it improves emotional health, along with other important areas of well-being. A child who can identify their emotions will be more likely to learn how to manage them and how to create more positive outcomes for themselves and for others.

5. Art Improves Academic Achievement

Students with exposure to the arts have tremendous academic benefits compared to students without exposure to the arts. Some of the most important benefits of arts education include; increased academic performance and classroom engagement, improved motivation and attitudes, decreased absenteeism, and improved attendance—all of which can improve future outcomes for students (American Association for the Advancement of Science).

Kickstart your Children’s Journey in Art With Artistori

At Artistori, we recognize the importance of developing a child’s creativity and individuality through the Arts. We believe that every child has an incredible artistic ability, regardless of their background or where they come from. At Artistori we build a positive environment for our students to experience art in a safe space, where they can explore their own creativity and come up with extraordinary work.

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