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3 Tips on Choosing An Arts School for Your Kids

Choosing the right art school is an important decision that will affect the way your children experience the art world. The right school can deepen your child’s love for the arts and even encourage them to pursue it as a career option.

With the wide options of art schools available these days, it might be confusing for parents who would like to choose a suitable one for their children. When faced with many options, here are 3 tips to consider when choosing the right art school for your children.

1. Look for an Art School That Encourages Creativity

Art gives children a way to communicate and develop confidence. It is a useful tool and language to help with the development of motor skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness.

Look for an art school that encourages children to explore their imagination and be creative. Value creativity over standardization.

At Artistori, we encourage our students to color outside of the lines. Our teachers value personalized learning that is organic and molded after the specific interests and needs of our students. No two artworks are the same.

2. Examine the Curriculum of The Arts School

The curriculum is the backbone of an art school. It is vital that you research and understand the program that you intend to enroll your child in. Look for a school that has a curriculum that aligns with your goals for your child.

For instance, if you want them to be able to create art pieces from their imagination without having to follow strict guidelines then look for a school that offers such a program. Or if your child is looking to use art as a DSA in their secondary school education, then look for an art school that has a track record of helping children get through DSA programs.

At Artistori, we offer a range of art curriculums. From Creative Mixed Media for N2 to P1, to Creative Fine Art for P2 to P4 and Creative Visual Arts for P5 and Sec 3 - our curriculum is designed to grow with our students and expose them to a wide variety of mediums, techniques, and art history.

We also offer a specialized course for children who are looking to use art as DSA. Our SOTA/ DSA Preparatory Art Bootcamp specializes in portfolio preparation and gearing our students up for the skills needed for their entrance tests.

3. Consider Practical Considerations like Class Sizes

The ratio of students to teachers is a major consideration when choosing an art school. For creative classes, having a class size that’s intimate but not too large is ideal for letting children receive individual attention, while at the same time bouncing creative ideas with their classmates.

At Artistori, our classes are around 12 students per session. This allows each student individual attention as well as provides them with an opportunity to make lasting friendships with their classmates.

Choosing an art school for your children is by no means easy. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email or sign up for a free trial with us.


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