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Artistori Junior Artist Wynn Ern receives award from Big Love

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Our junior artist Wynn Ern’s artwork from one of the Art Foundation projects, ‘Myself, Hopes and Dreams’ was submitted as an entry to a showcase of artworks by children during Give a Voice SG, an event organized by Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre. This showcase was aimed to show the true happiness of a child through art, something which resonated through Wynn Ern’s artwork judging from the impressed reaction from the audience! Wynn Ern’s artwork was placed among the top 10 entries of this showcase.

This Art Foundation project ‘Myself, Hopes and Dreams’, was a project that took the meaning of happiness to a child as its subject and presented it through the advanced use of oil-based colour pencils and photo transfer techniques. By combining the technical skill of producing a self-portrait together with the sentimental value of photos that captured memories and moments that meant something to the students, the final outcome of this project was a whimsical yet down-to-earth art piece of a photo collage surrounding a realistically-rendered self-portrait drawing.

As part of this project, each student was to choose or create a quote of what happiness means to them. Wynn Ern’s quote, “My family is my happiness, especially seeing them smile and form memories together”, was reflected in her final artwork, which included plenty of photos of her and her family spending time together.

We got to interview Wynn Ern after she received her award. Here is what she has to say:

How did you feel when you received the award?

Wynn Ern: I was very happy that I received this award. It was a very good experience as though I knew that I did well, but this was for Big Love. My family and relatives were also very happy, and that makes me feel proud of myself.

What did you think made your artwork stand out from the rest of the entries at the Big Love event?

Wynn Ern: I think it’s because my drawing is quite good and it’s actually related to the message of, ‘Every child has the right to feel safe at all times’. I have some pictures of my family playing with me and taking care of me, which I think is related to this message.

Tell us more about your quote.

Wynn Ern: My quote is being happy and making great memories when I’m together with my family, especially when we have some bonding time. During the school holidays, my whole family will come together and do some family bonding. We play and have fun together and sometimes we go overseas to visit and learn more about other countries as a family. When we are at home and the whole family is around, we will usually play some board games together.

What was the biggest challenge of this project?

Wynn Ern: The biggest challenge was when I was drawing my face as it’s very hard to draw realistically, especially when it’s my own. I didn’t want to draw it too perfectly, so I used the colour pencils and other colouring materials to make it look nicer.

What’s your favourite part of your own artwork?

Wynn Ern: My favourite part is the part when I used the photo transfer mediums for all the photos as it’s very unique and it was my first time trying out this medium. I find it quite interesting as I can use this medium to transfer the photos and the things that I couldn’t draw onto my artwork.

If you have a friend or a classmate who does not feel happy, what would you say to them?

Wynn Ern: You can be with your family as your family will stand by you all the time and support you so you won’t feel so sad or unhappy. Don’t be sad as you can turn all the challenges you face into something good and you can turn it into an experience. It will be okay even when you face difficulties, just try to overcome them.

Artistori is an art studio that believes in creativity and originality. Our approach connects children together through Inquiry-based methods, defining projects that expresses imagination, ideas and creativity. We believe that every individual should be interested and educated in every project and to do this, we bring the world to them through story-telling and presentations that leads on excitement, interests and understanding. Their own works, their stories and their desire to create leads them to the application of art beginning with mix mediums, techniques, aesthetics and the eagerness to complete and tell the world about their very own master pieces!

Art Foundation provides an important foundation by having youths to learn multi-disciplinary types of artists’ styles, mediums and tools. Aside from fine art, young artist will have the opportunity to learn about product design, illustration, print-making, film-making, animation, architecture as well as photography and many more! With more focused technique learning through mind mapping, observation and research from a broad range of subjects, youths will be able to build up their own artistic portfolio with a collection of their works demonstrating their creativity and potential developed over time.

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