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Artistori Junior Artist Claims International Silver Award - Valerie Gan

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Artistori Junior Artist Claims International Silver Award - Valerie Gan

49th World School Children's Art Exhibition of the R.O.C The World School Children's Art Exhibition of the R.O.C. provides a platform for creativity and learning as children are invited to send in their art works to be exhibited in Taiwan, Taipei. This exhibition aims to showcase unique artworks drawn and made by children, display the innocence and openness of children thoughts and imagination, where communication is made without the barriers of languages and words. More than 70 countries and states have participated in this significant yearly event, with children from all over the world. With that in mind, Artistori felt that this will be an excellent idea to share our artists’ brilliant works of art with their international peers. Through a rigorous selection process with Chinese artists, psychologists and art educators in Taiwan invited to serve as judges on the committee, our little artists, Valerie and Hao Yi’s work were short-listed and selected from the panel of judges, thus exhibited in the 49th World School Children's Art Exhibition which took place in Taipei from 15th to 26th September 2018 this year. Art works varied from oil paintings, to water colors, wood cut prints, pencil sketches, crayon drawings, pastels, collages, etchings and even graphic designs were displayed alongside with our children’s work. Valerie clinched the Silver Certificate award while Hao Yi attained the Selected Certificate for this year’s exhibition. We were all elated upon hearing the good news! Here’s what our little artists have to say about their win! (Interview with Valerie)

Artistori: Congrats on clinching the Silver Certificate for the 49th World School Children’s Art Exhibition. Firstly, can you briefly explain what your entry was about?

Valerie: Our project was inspired by Jérémy Combot, a French born artist & illustrator. We were tasked to design fashion apparels and for me, I decided to look into nature for my inspiration when working on the designs and patterns of the clothings.

Artistori: How did it feel when you found out you had won the silver award? Valerie: I was shocked and very surprised! I didn’t expect myself to win any award, especially for an international competition! Artistori: Why do you think you won? Valerie: I guess what makes me a cut above the rest are my original ideas. It is what brings me further and my work is more unique because I use my imagination and ideas, but I also do my research so that I have references to work with when I design the clothes.

Artistori Valerie Gan Fashion Illustration Jeremy Combot

Artistori: Are there any challenges that you faced when creating this piece of work? And how did you overcome them? Valerie: Yes! (Widen eyes) Working on the anatomy was very tricky for me as the human proportions in Jeremy Combot’s drawings is unique and different, and it is difficult for me. The poses are distorted so I had to practice and study his works in order to emulate his interesting style of drawing. Artistori: Were you happy with your final piece and what would you have changed if you had more time? Valerie: Yes, kind of. Except the hands! Hands and fingers are difficult to draw realistically. I struggled with that. Also, designing the clothes can be tricky. Having to marry the vibrant colours and clashing patterns yet making sure that the design is aesthetically pleasing is not that easy!

Artistori Valerie Gan Claims Internation Silver Award

Artistori: What word of advice will you give to other aspiring artists? Valerie: I would tell other aspiring artists this: - “Follow your hearts and trust your own designs (intuitions). Also, it is important to be original. We can learn and get inspired by other artists but not copy. Research and brainstorm to improve on your own work and be ORIGINAL!” Artistori: A little more about yourself as an artist. How did you get interested in art? Who inspire you as an artist? Who is your favourite artist? Valerie: I started drawing when I was six years old. Initially I drew on scrap of paper until my mum bought me a drawing pad. A year later, I insisted to have my works kept organized into portfolio. My mother was my greatest inspiration! She was an artist in her younger days and draws very well! I guess it grows on me and I aspire to be like her! I hope to be able to continue working on my art and be an art teacher in the future because I love helping and sharing my knowledge in art with others!

Artistori Junior Artist Valerie Gan's Silver Medal

Valerie attends Artistori Art Foundation programme every Saturday afternoon at 1.00pm.

Art Foundation provides an important foundation by having youths to learn multi-disciplinary types of artists’ styles, mediums and tools with more focused technique learning through mind mapping, observation and research from a broad range of subjects. Aside from fine art, young artist will have the opportunity to learn about product design, illustration, print-making, film-making, animation, architecture as well as photography and many more! Youths will be able to build up their own artistic portfolio with a collection of their works demonstrating their creativity and potential developed over time.

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