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Stacey's Rooster of Barcelos T-shirt

Stacey's Rooster of Barcelos T-shirt

Walk around with this unique T-shirt with an original art print done by our little artist, Stacey.


Our T-shirts are soft and made with 100% cotton.

Artworks are printed on digitally in high quality.


Adult Sizing

  • Small: 65cm length by 42 cm shoulder
  • Medium: 67cm length by 43.5cm shoulder width
  • Large: 69cm length by 45cm shoulder width
  • X-Large: 71cm length by 46.5cm shoulder width
  • XX-Large: 73cm length by 48cm shoulder width
  • XXX-Large: 73cm length by 49.5cm shoulder width
  • XXXX-Large: 79cm length by 54cm shoulder width


Kid's Sizing

  • Size 100: 41cm length by 27cm shoulder width
  • Size 110: 44cm length by 29cm shoulder width
  • Size 120: 47cm length by 30.5cm shoulder width
  • Size 130: 50cm length by 32cm shoulder width
  • Size 140: 54cm length by 33.5cm shoulder width
  • Size 150: 58cm length by 35.5cm shoulder width


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Your Story, Your Art

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