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Upcoming Art Preneurship Project with New Timeslots

The Hand Turned Digital

For Ages 12 years old and above.

Only physically-in-class for now.

Maximum in a class: 5 students

Project period: 5 Weeks. From the week of Oct 21st to the week of Nov 18th.

Prior to this upcoming project, our young artist from Art Preneurship had conceptualized, created and sketched out their own hand with a specific sign that gestures a meaning.

Their hand sign sketch will now be transformed into Digital Art to create a final masterpiece that will be printed on a T-shirt and more T-shirts if they desire.


What will they be learning?

This upcoming project will teach them basic photoshop skills such as the magic wand, layer properties, image adjustments, brush, pencil, eraser, shapes, text, layering and masking. They will be using the XP-Pen deco which they can personalize and create.


What do they need to prepare?

Likewise, software and hardware is all provided.

All Art Preneurship young artist will require a Gmail account with 15GB free storage.


For new students and those upgrading from Art Foundation?

For upgrading or new students, the pre-requisite will be the sketch of the hand sign.

There will be a requirement for upgrading and new students to attend 2 crash lessons to create and sketch out their own hand sign.


New Timeslots

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the size of our Tech room, the maximum to cater will only be 5 students per Art Preneurship session.

The new timeslots will be:

  1. Friday 7pm to 9pm

  2. Saturday 3pm to 5pm

Existing timeslots remain as of:

  1. Thursday 7pm to 9pm

  2. Saturday 1pm to 3pm

  3. Saturday 5.10pm to 7.10pm

More information about Art Preneurship can be found in this page:

Yours Sincerely,

Vernon Chen

Art is a journey, it never stops.

意言社 Artistori


Your Story, Your Art

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