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Tracking and Rescheduling Timeslots

With the WIX App, you will be able to track and reschedule timeslots through your mobile phone easily.

1. Download the WIX App:

2. Login with same email used for Artistori website

3. Find “Join with an Invite”

4. Ask us for the Invite Code

5. You will be led to “My Agenda” where you will see your booking timeslot.

6. To change, tap on it and cancel booking.

7. Look under “Services”:

8. Select the respective programme

9. Choose Time and you will be able to see number of slots left.

10. Track your attendance online and see your remaining lesson credits.

11. Rescheduling for upcoming make up lessons: Use the WIX App to reschedule from point 5 onwards.

12. Endless loading on WIX App: Terminate the app and restart it.

Yours Sincerely,

Vernon Chen

Art is a journey, it never stops.



Your Story, Your Art

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