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Oil Painting: Chiaroscuro (CVA)

Next Creative Visual Art project for P5 above

Project Duration: 10 lessons at 2 hours per lesson.

Period: From the week of 5th October 2022 until the week of 7th December 2022.

Free Trial Duration: 1 lesson only during Wednesday 5th October 2022 till Sunday 9th October 2022.

Clear and Obscure. Light and Dark. It's not just the objects that matter in still life painting. Chiaroscuro is a painting technique adopted in the Renaissance period and then after, baroque artists expressed Chiaroscuro with even more stronger emotions that expanded to Tenebrism. This final year project, Artistori is leading Creative Visual Art young artists to form their own still life, exploring digital still life, photography and oil painting in Chiaroscuro to Tenebrism style.

Join us if you are older than primary five and challenge yourself to these techniques with a wonderful canvas painting outcome!

Learning Points 学习目标:

  • Chiaroscuro technique

  • Tenebrism technique

  • Oil Painting

  • Adobe Fresco

  • Photography

Instructions on Projects (Challenges) for Certification purposes:

Whatsapp: 88765551

WeChat: Artistori

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