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Monotone Still Life Objects

Fine Art & Public Speaking Suits 8 to 10 years old (P2 to P4)

Duration: 5 lessons at 2 hours per lesson

Free Trial Duration: 1 session only from 14th February 2024 to 18th February 2024 

Still Life drawing serves as a timeless and fundamental practice that cultivates artistic skills and perception. Through the characterization of inanimate objects, our young artists will learn to hone their technical abilities in rendering form, light, and shadow. Through the careful observation of objects' intricate details, our young artists develop a heightened awareness of composition, proportion, and spatial relationships. 

Beyond its technical aspects, still life drawing invites contemplation and introspection, prompting artists and viewers alike to find beauty and significance in the ordinary. As a foundational practice, it not only preserves tradition but also serves as a springboard for artistic exploration and the development of a unique visual language. In essence, still life drawing stands as a cornerstone in artistic education, offering a rich tapestry for the cultivation of skills, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the world's visual intricacies.

Learning Points:

  • Pencil Shading

  • Tonal Value

  • Foundational Still Life Basics

  • Observational Skill

  • Creative Composition

  • Conceptualization

  • Presentation

  • Storytelling

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Your Story, Your Art

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