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Happy Labour Day 2021

Lessons as usual on Saturday May 1st, Labour Day.

Artistori is taking this opportunity to commemorate our history of Samsui women whom, through bad living conditions and hardship, helped Singapore in the construction of roads, buildings and landmarks.

The growth and prosperity of a country is often contributed by visionary characters, who lead their people towards a better future. However, behind these great characters, there's always a group of characters, whose contributions to the history, are even greater than we think; one of them is the Samsui women.

Mostly from Samsui, Guangdong Province, hardships of natural disasters and wars forced the women to leave their families and hometowns, in seeking for a better life. Hence between 1920s and 1940s, a group of women from Samsui sailed across the ocean and arrived in Singapore, contributed greatly to the construction of important and iconic landmarks in Singapore.

Together with our junior artists, we went through a learning process about the history and hardships of the Samsui women, which leads us to a 12-weeks printmaking project. It’s a long and tedious process of

planning and weeks of carving, causing aches and fatigue. Well, we see their efforts and perseverance being paid off as each of their prints are amazing and unique; like the Samsui women, who perseverance the

hard days of their livelihood leaving great architecture and creating comfortable lives for the future generations. With their own ideas and styles, our junior artists showcase their version of “Imprinted Memories of Samsui Women” in respect to these small, yet powerful characters in the history.

If you have plans to be absent on Saturday 1st May, please reschedule.

  • Instructions on changing timeslots and knowing total number of participants:

    • Download the Spaces by WIX App

    • Login with this receiving email address

    • Find “Join with an Invite”:

    • Enter Invite Code: 76BNXS You should be asked for the website password. Tap on the person icon on the bottom right and go to “My Bookings” where you will see your booking timeslot.

  • Rescheduling for upcoming make up lessons:

    • Tap on the person icon on the bottom right and go to “My Bookings” where you will see your booking timeslot.

    • To change, tap on a specific timeslot and cancel the booking.

    • Look under “Timeslots”:

    • Select the respective programme

    • Choose Time and you will be able to see number of slots left and then book.

  • Alternative way to reschedule:

Thank you! :)

Yours Sincerely,

Vernon Chen

Art is a journey, it never stops.

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