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Handmade Ancient Paper (CFA)

Next Creative Fine Art project - 8 years old to 12 years old


Suits 8 years old to 12 years old

Project Duration: 3 lessons at 2 hours per lesson.

Period: From the week of 27th April 2022 until the week of 11st May 2022.

Learning Points:

  • 四大发明之一-传统手工造纸艺术 /捞纸法/混合抄纸法(制作不同材质的纸)火漆工艺/自行艺术纸张创作

  • One of the Four Great Inventions-Traditional handmade papermaking art

  • drawing paper method/mixed papermaking method

  • Making paper of different materials)

  • fire lacquer process

  • self-art paper creation

造纸术是人类文明传承史上的一次伟大变革。正是因为纸的出现,文明的留存于传承,展现于承转,才放下了青铜与竹简,由繁冗变得简单,易行,准确,有序和从容。 意言社将带领小画家们一起走进古人的智慧,裁花为纸,揉香做墨,为身边爱的人亲手送上一抹书香。

Papermaking is a great revolution in the history of human civilization inheritance. It is precisely because of the appearance of paper that civilization is preserved in inheritance and displayed in inheritance, that bronze and bamboo slips have been put down, and the complexity has become simple, easy, accurate, orderly and calm. Artistori will lead the little junior artists into the wisdom of the ancients, turn flowers into paper, inking fragrance to our loved ones.

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意言社 Artistori


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