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Glimpse: Chiaroscuro Still Life Prep

Creative Visual Art Programme - Primary 5 & above.

The young artists brought objects from their homes to form an assemblage that will eventually tell their story.

Artistori used recycled cardboard boxes, cut a small window at one of the corners to have a spotlight to allow minimum light into the box. Alternative to this, the mirror was used to reflect light rays into the box.

Calling of Saint Matthew 1600 by Caravaggio
Calling of Saint Matthew 1600 by Caravaggio. Source:

Chiaroscuro, an Italian term where "Chairo" means light or clear and "Scuro" means dark or obscure. The challenge for Artistori Creative Visual Art young artists here is to master the light in photography and painting. Can they do it?

Looking forward to see their sketches on canvas and under paintings!

Stay tuned for more updates on this 10-week oil painting project.

Creative Visual Art Programme

Art for 11 years old & above

Primary 5 and above

The dream of becoming an artist is in many but as we grow older, the practicality of life kicks in, the dream is slowly diminished.

Creative Visual Art defines entrepreneurs and visionaries. We want to lead aspiring young artists to a new level of creativity, style and visual art direction. Kids as young as 11 years old will be taught a wide variety of fine art, creative art and digital art disciplines, turning their practice work into masterpieces, products and metaphor that shall inspire audiences world-wide.

Creative Visual Art involves individuals in the creation of their very own artist branding, website and social media platform identity. With computer software skills as an essential today, they will be trained to create art digitally, basic website development, digital ethics and pre-cautions, documenting art, photography and digitalising their own masterpieces.

This is a Visual Arts programme with the aim to develop online portfolios, prints and design works to be ready for 'N' level , 'O' level , auditions , submissions to tertiary institutions and to be exhibited online to the whole wide world.


适合年龄: 11岁,小五及以上

许多人都梦想成为艺术家,但随着年龄的增长,梦想随着繁忙的生活与学习逐渐减弱。创意视觉艺术课程造就企业家和有远见的人。我们希望将有抱负的年轻艺术家带到一个新的创新领域,我们带动青少年艺术家们 学习艺术领域的各种绘画技巧与创意,并将艺术与电脑绘画结合,带动他们将作品通过产品的形式带给全世界。 ​ 创意视觉艺术课程内容涉及学习创建个人艺术品牌、建立自己的网站和社交媒体平台。随着计算机软件技能成为当今必不可少的技能,我们带领青年艺术家学习绘画软件,以电子方式创作艺术、学习基本网站开发,版权所有以及预防措施,用电脑艺术科技结合摄影和数字化展示自己的杰作。 ​ 这是一个视觉艺术项目,旨在开发在线作品集、设计成品,通过在线展示自己,并为 “N” Level, “O” Level 艺术考试做好全面的准备。

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