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Charity Camp 2022

It was a fun-filled, meaningful, accomplished and exciting camp last Saturday 25th June 2022 at Pasir Ris Park!

It was raining for days on that week and the team at Artistori were all hoping that 25th June Saturday will be a sunny day. Thankfully, it was an awesome cloudy day! We didn't have to worry about heat and rain! Despite the grass patches being muddy, everyone enjoyed the camp a lot! Words from some of the children: "Can we restart the day again?" "Can we do the camp again next week?"

On behalf of the team at Artistori, once again, I thank all parents and guardian for your strong support to this camp and the fund-raising. We managed to raise $1,000.00 for Glyph Community Limited, our target donation amount! Everyone contributed!

We will also like to thank Mr. Desmond Choo, Mayor for North East District and Advisor to Tampines GROs for coming down to present the awards and gifts.

We started out in the morning to ensure all setup was all arranged according to plan.

Kinderstori kids started with outdoor nature yoga, a collaborative artwork for Mr. Desmond Choo and then a nice nature artwork for themselves.

Our outdoor watercolour plein air painting competition for Artistori began at 2pm. The accompanying watercolour set is really good. The pigment and colour range was terrific for the beach!

At around 4pm, our crazy and loud teambuilding mission challenges began!

Once again, the winning team goes to Teacher Charlotte's River Dolphin Team. All in! All in! River Dolphin!

At around 6.30pm, Mr. Desmond Choo presented the awards and gifts.

7.30pm: Barbeque time and we took the opportunity to celebrate birthdays for children whose birthdays falls during June.

8.30pm: The thrilling night treasure hunt where we walked in the totally dark mangrove swamp!

We wrapped up at around 10pm and those staying overnight gathered together to have a nice chat under the stars.

In the morning, we started cooking breakfast with eggs, bacons, hotdogs, bread and fruits!

The weather was really nice and cool on Sunday morning!

All the planning, hard work and overnight preparations for this camp paid off. This camp is a success and I look forward to another awesome camp next year!

Do you?

Yours Sincerely,

Vernon Chen

Art is a journey, it never stops.

Whatsapp: 88765551

WeChat: Artistori






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