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Artist Inspired - Joan Miro

Creative Art & Speech - Canvas Painting

For N2 to P1

Project Duration: 4 sessions at 1 hour 30 minutes per session.

Free Trial Duration: 1 session only from 8th November 2023 to 12th November 2023.

Inspired by the Artist Joan Miro, our little artists are going to combine creative expression, story-telling and abstract art to create a canvas painting telling a story using shapes, lines and dots as symbols.

Conducted through the process of playing some interactive games, our little artists will design their own organic and geometric shapes, attaching them to a face of a dice and surprise themselves with each roll of the dice where they will fill an entire canvas landscape with these various shapes in different sizes and colours.

Watch as these symbols come to life in a world of their own, as we dive deeper into the world where anything is possible with our little artists!

Learning Objectives:

1. Abstract Art

2. Surrealism

3. Expressionism

4. Drawing Skills

5. Painting Skills

6. Storytelling

7. Presentation Skills

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