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Art Foundation Programme - Chuck Close Inspired Self Portrait Canvas Painting Project

From the week of 15th July 2020 to week of 19th August 2020

Join our Art Foundation programme on a project inspired by Chuck Close, a contemporary artist.

Our previous project is Jeremy Combot’s Inspired Fashion Illustration art project.

For online class participants, Teacher Charlotte will be liaising with you.

For physical class participants, we will scan your works and upload to Facebook in this photo album:

This upcoming project will be a acrylic painting project on a 30 cm by 40 cm canvas.

Art Foundation junior artists shall be learning about Chuck Close's story and painting their own self-portraits in a variety of styles using his grid style approach.


You will need an A4 Size paper or an existing sketch book and a printer to print reference pictures.

Recommended materials required will be:

  1. 12” by 16” by 0.75” stretched canvas

  2. Acrylic Paint. Recommendation (Daler and Rowney, made in England): - Graduate 120ml mixing white - Graduate 120ml primary yellow - Graduate 120ml primary red - Graduate 120ml primary blue - Graduate 120ml buff titanium

  3. Brushes. Recommendation: - Size 0 round tip - Size 4 flat tip - Size 8 flat tip

  4. HB Pencil and Eraser

  5. Ruler

  6. Palette

We offer this recommended materials required and printing of reference pictures as a set for $59.90 for online participants residing in Singapore.

Delivery additional $5.00.

Please get back to us by 14th July 2020, Tuesday


Yours Sincerely,

Vernon Chen

Art is a journey, it never stops.



Your Story, Your Art

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