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Advanced Watercolours Illustrations (CVA)

Next Creative Visual Art project for 12 years old & above

Project Duration: 6 lessons at 2 hours per lesson.

Period: From the week of 16th June 2022 until the week of 28th July 2022.

Free Trial Duration: 1 lesson only during 16th June 2022 till 19th June 2022.

Learning Points 学习目标:

  • Recap on Watercolour painting basics 回顾水彩画基础知识

  • Advanced Watercolour painting tips and techniques 高级水彩画技巧和技巧

  • 1-point and 2-point perspective drawing techniques 一点透视与两点透视技巧

  • Composition of Life with feelings into art 将生活与情怀融入艺术

  • Genre painting 风俗画

Ice cream bicycle and motorcycle trucks are now considered past scenes of Singapore. Soon, such a business as street food will no longer be seen in this small island due to policy. Sight of old uncles and aunties on streets selling ice cream can be memorable, especially when we hear the ice cream bell sound. It creates a strong nostalgia and linger for ice cream waffles or bread. This sight creates a visual style of minimalism, melancholy and genre painting.

This mix media water painting illustration takes 6 weeks at 2 hours per lesson. The aim for our Creative Visual Art young artists is to create realism that expresses the feeling of melancholy in their genre painting of ice cream bicycles or motorcycles of Singapore.



这个混合媒体水彩画插图项目需要 6 周来完成创作,每节课 2 小时。我们的创意视觉艺术年轻艺术家的目标是创造现实主义,在他们的新加坡冰淇淋自行车或摩托车的风俗画中表达忧郁的感觉。

Instructions on Projects (Challenges) for Certification purposes:

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