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Artistori is proud to receive the Certificate of Appreciation from Big Love

On 9th November, Bedok Town Square was bustling with people, all gathered to learn more about a cause in need of a louder voice: awareness on child abuse. This event, Give a Voice SG, was organized by Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre, a programme by Montfort Care focused on this very cause. Artistori was honoured to be given an opportunity to be part of this event as its sponsor.

In October, Artistori organized our own Children’s Day Carnival, where we raised $411 in donations for Big Love. We have partnered with Big Love once again in this event, sponsoring the prize money for awards and the art materials used for this event. We were even given our own booth to spread the word about our art programmes and the focus of a child’s learning experience behind them.

Artistori believes that every child has the right to feel safe at all times. Our kids at Artistori are happy and expressive children that attend our classes every week. Artistori creates a vibrant and holistic environment through topics to open up discussions amongst the kids. By discussing frequently, we value their inputs and their stories and presentations are shared among each other, learning from each other, knowing that their classmates have great ideas too. They learn to appreciate and listen to their friends, creating a socially safe environment. Artistori aligns with and strongly supports Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre.

We would like to thank Big Love for this huge opportunity to support their cause. To find out more about Big Love, visit the following link:

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