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Artistori artists Sheryn Teh and Aiden Song attain awards at the 20th Kanagawa Biennal World Childre

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Sheryn is a jovial and diligent girl who is enthusiastic about art. She takes pride and responsibility in her work and is always eager to learn new things about art. Her curiosity and adventurous attitude lead her into picking up new things and exploring new sides of art. Sheryn has been attending our Creative Mix Media Art since May 2017 regularly.

Aiden is a cool boy whom always has his own style and ideas. He is very insisting about how he wants it and we like him for his creativity and originality in his art always surprises us. Guidance from us is just that little touch to point him in the right direction but when he starts something, he does it with big ideas and imagination! Definitely, he is mighty! Aiden attended our Creative Mix Media Art since February 2014 and upgraded to our Art Foundation earlier this year.

The 20th Kanagawa Biennial World Children’s Art Exhibition 2019 is held every two years in Kanagawa and showcases artworks created by children all over the world. With the objective to cultivate creativity and inspire imagination in our future generation, this exhibition also aims to share more about the different and diverse cultures from around the world. This year, the exhibition received over 700,000 entries from about 100 countries and regions. Both Artistori artists received a Certificate of Distinction in the Kanagawa Award category.

When Sheryn’s mummy heard about winning an award, she initiated to bring Sheryn to Japan for the art exhibition. For Sheryn, this exhibition not only allowed her to take part in an international art event, it also provided her the opportunity to visit a Japanese elementary school as part of the exhibition. She had a very eye-opening experience living a day of a life of Japanese elementary school student together with her new friends!

We got to interview Sheryn after she came back from the exhibition. Here is what she has to say:

Artistori: How did you feel when you received the award?

Sheryn: Happy.

Artistori: You travelled to Japan for the exhibition. What was the most fun part about the trip?

Sheryn: Visiting the elementary school. I was taught how to write a namecard and I exchanged it with my new friend I made there. During snack time, I went to the eating room and I got green tea.

Artistori: Did you make any new friends during the visit?

Sheryn: Yes. Her name is Yae and she is very nice to me.

Artistori: Were you able to speak to her?

Sheryn: Whenever she spoke Japanese, I just said 'Speak English please'.

Artistori: Were there any other Singaporeans who came along for the visit?

Sheryn: Yes. Her name is Emma. When I introduced myself to her I said that I'm from Artistori, and she said that she's from NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts).

Artistori: How did you feel when you entered the Art Exhibition?

Sheryn: Happy. I was with my parents and I pointed out that my picture was up there. We took a lot of photos.

Artistori: Were you nervous when you were called up to collect your award?

Sheryn: Yes. I was fidgeting a lot! When the judge called my name, I went up on stage and the judge spoke to me. I held my certificate out for everyone to see and had pictures taken.

Artistori: Do you know what's on your certificate?

Sheryn: Yes. My mom took a look at my certificate. It has my certificate and another photo of my painting.

Artistori: Tell us more about your painting 'Playing my Piano Happily'.

Sheryn: I used to have a small keyboard at home. After I started piano lessons, that keyboard was thrown away and I got a bigger keyboard. The keyboard I drew was my smaller keyboard. I still learn piano today and I enjoy it very much.

Artistori: What will you like to be painting next time?

Sheryn: Snakes. I have a toy snake and my Chinese zodiac is snake.

Artistori is proud to be to have Sheryn Teh and Aiden Song Hankyul winning this award, representing Singapore! A total of 6 Singaporeans won, 2 from Artistori and 4 from NAFA.

Artistori is an art studio that believes in creativity and originality. Our approach connects children together through Inquiry-based methods, defining projects that expresses imagination, ideas and creativity. We believe that every individual should be interested and educated in every project and to do this, we bring the world to them through story-telling and presentations that leads on excitement, interests and understanding. Their own works, their stories and their desire to create leads them to the application of art beginning with mix mediums, techniques, aesthetics and the eagerness to complete and tell the world about their very own master pieces!

Creative Mix Media Art is a programme for children to develop natural drawing abilities and cultivate ways of expressing self through the use of imagination and storytelling in their artworks. ​By learning multi-disciplinary art forms and techniques, combining and working with a variety of materials and mediums, Artistori aims to stimulate creativity in children while having fun at the same time!

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Art Foundation provides an important foundation by having youths to learn multi-disciplinary types of artists’ styles, mediums and tools. Aside from fine art, young artist will have the opportunity to learn about product design, illustration, print-making, film-making, animation, architecture as well as photography and many more! With more focused technique learning through mind mapping, observation and research from a broad range of subjects, youths will be able to build up their own artistic portfolio with a collection of their works demonstrating their creativity and potential developed over time.

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