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26th Annual World Children's Picture Contest Silver Medalist, Tan En Qi.

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Tan En Qi Artistori Little Artist wins IE-NO-HIKARI 2019 26th World Children's Picture Contest Silver Award

En Qi has always been a diligent girl who loves to express through art. She has a sketchbook she brings along everyday where she doodles her thoughts and sights. It's amazing that she can even help create a book cover for one of our books with the cover torn by sketching and colouring.

IE-NO-HIKARI Silver Award Medalist Tan En Qi Playing My Piano

En Qi joined Artistori when she was 5+ years old, going 6. It's been more than a year already and this year, she claims an International Silver Award with one of her artworks titled "Playing My Piano". Out of the many selections from our little artists, all Artistori teachers looked and assessed through multiple artworks, judging and evaluating through a strict set of criteria. We are very proud of En Qi for her achievement in winning Silver for the 26th Annual World Children's Picture Contest, organized by IE-NO-HIKARI Assocation, Japan.

26th Annual World Children's Picture Contest

The 26th Annual World Children's Picture Contest organized by IE-NO-HIKARI Assocation, Japan has received a total of 18,146 pictures from 76 nations and regions with children 6 years old to 15 years old sending in entries. Amongst all nations and regions, En Qi is the only Singaporean who claimed the Silver Award category:

Playing My Piano by Tan En Qi Singapore Silver Award Medalist of The 26th Annual World Children's Picture Contest organized by IE-NO-HIKARI Assocation Japan

Artistori took the opportunity to interview En Qi and here's what she has to say:

Artistori: Tell us your feelings when you heard you won

En Qi: Proud of myself

Artistori: Did you have any expectation of winning?

En Qi: I expected the 3rd place. I didn't really think my drawing was nice because when I saw the book, I saw other drawings that was nicer but it was not in the 1st place.

Artistori: What are the challenges you faced creating this piano piece?

En Qi: If I used too much water, it will fade away then it will create not the picture I wanted.

Artistori: How did you overcome the challenge?

En Qi: I just used more paint, put over it until it was darker.

Artistori: Do you have any tips or advice for your friends on how they can improve their art?

En Qi: Ummm... I think Arielyn. I want to convince her of being proud of her own art because she always doesn't like her own or she doesn't want to draw.

Artistori: Why do you like art so much?

En Qi: Because no matter what you do, if it's a mistake, you still can turn it into another thing. Then if you use markers, you cannot erase it so that teaches me, if you do a mistake, you have to deal with it and then make something nice out of it.

Artistori: Is there an artist that inspires you?

En Qi: Vincent Van Gogh inspires me because he uses lines. I thought about Vincent Van Gogh because he took a lot of time. If we didn't use Vincent Van Gogh's style, it will be faster. So if we used lines, it will be slower because you need to do one line by one line.

Watch her video interview here:

Artistori is a unique art studio located in Singapore, Tampines & Pasir Ris. Artistori uses story-telling and inquiry-based teaching approach to connect with children and teens, encouraging them to express and think creatively. We guide them to apply their imagination, creativity and different techniques onto art, making their art piece unique and original.

Find out more about En Qi's art programme, Creative Mix Media Art here:

意言社 Artistori


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