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Artistori Little Artist Claims International Excellence Award - Sim Hao Yi

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Artistori Little Artist Claims International Excellence Award - Sim Hao Yi on Mythical Creatures

49th World School Children's Art Exhibition of the R.O.C The World School Children's Art Exhibition of the R.O.C. provides a platform for creativity and learning as children are invited to send in their art works to be exhibited in Taiwan, Taipei. This exhibition aims to showcase unique artworks drawn and made by children, display the innocence and openness of children thoughts and imagination, where communication is made without the barriers of languages and words. More than 70 countries and states have participated in this significant yearly event, with children from all over the world. With that in mind, Artistori felt that this will be an excellent idea to share our artists’ brilliant works of art with their international peers. Through a rigorous selection process with Chinese artists, psychologists and art educators in Taiwan invited to serve as judges on the committee, our little artists, Valerie and Hao Yi’s work were short-listed and selected from the panel of judges, thus exhibited in the 49th World School Children's Art Exhibition which took place in Taipei from 15th to 26th September 2018 this year. Art works varied from oil paintings, to water colors, wood cut prints, pencil sketches, crayon drawings, pastels, collages, etchings and even graphic designs were displayed alongside with our children’s work. Valerie clinched the Silver Certificate award while Hao Yi attained the Selected Certificate for this year’s exhibition. We were all elated upon hearing the good news! Here’s what our little artists have to say about their win!

Artistori Little Artist Claims International Excellence Award - Sim Hao Yi on Mythical Creatures

About Hao Yi Hao Yi may be a quiet boy in art class, but that does not make him fall short in any ways as he lets his works speak for itself. We chat with Hao Yi about his daily sources of inspiration and future aspirations. Here’s what he has to share with us. Questions for interview (Hao Yi) Artistori: Congrats on clinching the Selected Certificate for the 49th World School Children’s Art Exhibition. Firstly, can you share with us what your entry was about? Hao Yi: Our project was about using our imagination to create a magical creature. I included a phoenix, a tiger’s head, a scorpion’s tails and the wings of an eagle to create my mythological creature. I chose these animals after discussing the special attributes in class and I like these animals because they are ferocious. Artistori: Were you surprised when you won? Hao Yi: Yes! I didn’t think I would clinch the Selected Certificate because I did not manage to win any award for the doodle art competition in my school, so I thought I wasn’t good enough. (Grins)

Artistori Little Artist Claims International Excellence Award - Sim Hao Yi on Mythical Creatures

Artistori: You are only 8 years old and your work portrays a lot of maturity in it. Was it difficulty for you when you created this piece of work? Hao Yi: No! It was easy! I just did what I’ve always do! DRAW! I love to draw! I have my own sketchbook and it is filled with ferocious animals such as saber-tooth tigers and snakes. I even draw an aquarium with lots of giant sharks and fishes. Artistori: If you have the opportunity to take part in this competition again, is there anything you would change about your work?

Hao Yi: Hmmm. NO! I like it the way it is! I gave it my best when I was working on it and to me, it is perfect!

Artistori Little Artist Claims International Excellence Award - Sim Hao Yi on Mythical Creatures

Artistori: A little more about yourself as an artist. What do you like to draw and paint? How did you get interested in art? Who inspire you as an artist? Who is your favourite artist? Hao Yi: I do not have any favourite artists but what makes me excited about drawing is the encouragement I receive from my friends and family members. I feel fulfilled when others share positive feedback on my art and tell me things like,”Wow! Your drawing is very nice!” or “This is awesome, how do you draw like this?!” It makes me want to draw more and share with my friends. In the future, I want to be able to continue to draw these cool animals and creatures. Who knows, I may decide to be a concept artist, designing cool creatures for movies and animations next time when I grow up!

Artistori Little Artist Creative Mix Media Art Mythical Creature story

Hao Yi used to attend Artistori Creative Mix Media Art programme every Saturday at 10.30am completing many projects and through Artistori teachers observations, Hao Yi was highly recommended to be upgraded to our Art Foundation programme even though he is only turning 9 years old soon.

Creative Mix Media Art is a programme for children to develop natural drawing abilities and cultivate ways of expressing self through the use of imagination and story-telling in their artworks. ​By learning multi-disciplinary art forms and techniques, combining and working with a variety of materials and mediums, Artistori aims to stimulate creativity in children while having fun at the same time!

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