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Artistori receives bronze award

Bronze Award to Artistori

Artistori is honored to be awarded a bronze for contributions towards making a difference to the lives of people with intellectual disability.

Back in 2017, Artistori held a carnival to engage parents and children together to raise funds for M.I.N.D.S. and to raise the awareness to our artists about how M.I.N.D.S is helping people with intellectual disability with education and school.

Artists Village Carnival Artistori

The carnival may have been small but our little artists, junior artists and helpers from polytechnics and teachers contributed significantly to make this carnival educational, vibrant, fun and meaningful!

Find out more about our carnival here:

Bronze Award Presentation for Artistori from Dr. S. Vasoo
Bronze Award Presentation for Artistori from Dr. S. Vasoo

Artistori is grateful to everyone who contributed to the Carnival and wants to organize more meaningful activities that engages our little artists and junior artists to help people and animals in need.

意言社 Artistori


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