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Art Foundation Junior Artist wins International Silver Award

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Joren Tay - Winner of 25th IENOHIKARI International Silver Award

Joren used to be obsessed with games on his mobile phone and he didn't know how to tackle mistakes and problems while working on his art work. He would spend lots of time correcting mistakes causing himself to get frustrated. With the obsession on games, he got worst. At a point of time, he seemed to have lost all interest in art. Artistori didn't lose any faith in him. Joren has been with Artistori since he was 10 years old and he is 15 years old already. Through our encouragement, support and counselling from his parents and school teachers. He finally realized how his obsession on games was a bad habit and addiction.

Through art, he found his interest back and tackled and managed mistakes and problems in a mature manner. He puts in his heart and soul into the creation of art and this led him to win this 25th IE-NO-HIKARI Annual World Children's Picture Contest.

The 25th IE-NO-HIKARI Annual World Children's Picture Contest had a total of 19,173 shortlisted entries. Representing Singapore, there were only 148 shortlisted and amongst these 148, 2 of them are entries from Artistori that took Silver and honorable mention.

The 25th Annual World Children's Picture Contest

Artistori is very proud of Joren for his determination and love for art. We interviewed him and here's what he has to say about winning:

Artistori: How do you feel about winning the silver award? Joren: Feels contented and feels that there's more to improve.

Artistori: Did you expect yourself to win? Joren: I didn't think I will get an award, maybe just merit.

Artistori: Why do you think you won? Joren: Because of the amount of hours and effort and the number of times I came back to Artistori just to work on this art work. I had to balance my school work and school art work, not neglect them.

Artistori: What do you think is so special about your artwork that won silver?

Joren: It doesn't have the actual features of the people's faces but mostly just gives the impression of the scene, showing the life inside the picture. It shows how I feel about this place rather than the actual scene.

Artistori: Do you think you can do better for your next piece?

Joren: I think I should be more brave, more bold on the use of colours and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Artistori: How will you encourage other artists who didn't win any award?

Joren: I think they should not feel their work isn't good or look like a realistic picture but rather, it's the effort that they have put in. A pat on the back will be good and commend yourself on the amount of effort and hours put in to complete your work.

Joren's instagram post

Well done Joren!

Joren attends Artistori Art Foundation programme every Sunday morning at 8.30am.

Art Foundation provides an important foundation by having youths to learn multi-disciplinary types of artists’ styles, mediums and tools with more focused technique learning through mind mapping, observation and research from a broad range of subjects. Aside from fine art, young artist will have the opportunity to learn about product design, illustration, print-making, film-making, animation, architecture as well as photography and many more! Youths will be able to build up their own artistic portfolio with a collection of their works demonstrating their creativity and potential developed over time.

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