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Artistori Wins International Bronze Prize

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Artistori Wins International Bronze Award

Congratulations to Xinyi and Luke on winning the bronze prize for The 24th Annual World Children's Picture Contest! Out of 648 submissions from Singapore and selection from 85 countries with a total of 19,987 submissions, they have been recognized by many judges from Japan!

It has always been Artistori's belief and mission to lead children to create art works that show great detail, freedom of expression with unexpected perspectives from their observations and cognitive memory. Most important of all, our little artists are led to create works that tell a story, visually. Such quality of art works shows originality and creativity.

Artistori doesn't aim to compete, to impress or to do works just for a certain objective. Our topics raised can be part of a child's life, a historical event, a cultural event or an interesting fact or legend that has a story to tell. Through story telling, visual observation from pictures, videos or an actual visit to places, such as a hawker centre, our little artists develop interests and naturally, they start to observe and learn about the details through their eyes. Their thoughts, imagination and what they have learnt are expressed through art. Artistori guide and teach techniques, tips and ways to make use of different mediums and colours to create art. We give our little artists freedom to express, freedom to apply mediums and we ensure their works are pure and original from themselves because it is their art work.

Winning this international prize is a great honor and recognition for Artistori's belief in a child's original art work! Artistori will continue to look out for competitions that values the same belief!

意言社 Artistori 用艺术表达语言,让语言丰富艺术 Your Story, Your Art

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