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EXPENSE BREAKDOWN Tentage - $4061.72 Art Materials - $1924.98 Food & Drinks - $352.00 Helpers from Temasek Poly (Not including Teachers) - $340.00 Total expense for Carnival: $6,678.70

PROCEEDS BREAKDOWN Snack & Drinks Stall - $142.00

Workshops: Face Painting - $93.00 Caricature - $70.00 Bottle Painting - $44.00 Canvas Painting - $95.00 Slime Making - $139.00 Bracelet Making - $33.00 Printmaking - $156.00

Games: Ring Point Toss - $148.00 Cups Tower Challenge - $32.00 Guess What I am Trying to Say/Sing - $22.00 Feed Me the Cookies - $34.00 Giant Bowling Ball - $85.00 Table Soccer - $68.00 Pokemon Jump - $206.00

Donations: Teacher Bobbie & Family - $1,000.00 Teacher Shanlyn - $50.00 Teacher Charlotte - $100.00 Teacher Vernon - $100.00 Madam Margaret - $100.00 Madam Lei Hong - $110.00

Tickets - $4,460.00 Participants: Seraphina's Family, Myiesha's Family, Sydnee's Family, Xuan Qi, Chloe Ng's Family, Endre's Family, Caylee's Family, Srishti's Family, Chloe Khan's Family, Erica's Family, Asher's Family, Janelle Sim's Family, Ong Xin Yi's Family, Jade Mun's Family, Keane's Family, Sofia Malygina's Family, Happy, Jillian, Yee Han's Family, Belinda, Ling Xuan, Nicole's Family & Friends, Jia Min, Alden's Family, Amelia Chang & family, Andrea's family, Ashford's family, Ashley & Benjamin Chua's family, Athena's family, Azalea, Boh Sung Jun & family, Brandon & Benjamin Tan's family, Caylia's family, Chanyse's family, Charmaine & Charlene Ng's family, Chloe Chua, Chloe Huang's family, Claire's family, Clement & Clarice's family, Daniel Tan, Dora & Lily's family, Eitan Leong's family, Han Wei & Hui Wen's family, Hayden Lim's family, Hebe Lim's family, Isabel Goeun, Jasmine Gan's family, Jerome's family, Joey Ng, Joren Tay, Kaden Quek's family, Kaylynn's family, Keri's family, Li Yi's family, Kimberley, Kyden Wang's family, Lee Wynn Ern's family, Lei Hong's family & friends, Li Jia Rong & Jia Rong family, Lim Jing En's family, Natalie, Niki's family, Ong Rui Xuan & Rui Xian's family, Ooi Yu Xuan's family, Phoebe & Debbie (Li Yi's friends), Sarah Lim's family, Shanese's family, Si Qi & Si Xian's family, Stacey's family, Tan Chong Zhe's family, Tan Ke Lin's family, Timo & family, Vera Yap's family, Vijay's family and Zhou Jia Xuan


30% of all funds raised shall be donated to our charity beneficiary M.I.N.D.S (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore). We shall be in contact with them to visit and hand them the cheque. Total Donation to M.I.N.D.S: $2,186.10

Artistori is proud of all our little artists and junior artists and their family members who supported this charity movement and to be part of this carnival. All your positive support reaches out to a good cause, a charity movement and your children have gained, not just a memorable moment, but also a fun and meaningful experience! =D

Once again, Artistori thank everyone who came, supported, participated and played for the good cause!

On behalf of all Artistori teachers: Thank you very much!

意言社 Artistori 用艺术表达语言,让语言丰富艺术 Your Story, Your Art

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