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A HOT CARNIVAL, INDEED! Under a hot hot weather but still, the kid's enjoyed!

Our Carnival just outside our Tampines Mart unit at the 2nd storey! Although it was a very hot day, our little artists and junior artists had great fun with the games and the workshops, doing a part for charity, for M.I.N.D.S. You can see them sweating but still, their participation in the games and workshops is simply just pure joy! Such joy can be seen on their faces and Artistori feels really accomplished because that is one thing we set out for, for kids to have good fun outdoors, knowing their participation is also for a good cause!

Artistori teachers had been planning really hard for this event since the beginning of the year. We conducted a lesson on games designing to our little artists and for our little artists, seeing their games brought out from their design is that sense of accomplishment and even though some of their games weren't chosen, we asked for volunteers to be game managers and seeing them in charge and in action, we can see their sense of confidence, responsibility and enthusiasm to grow up to be in charge of something!

For our art workshops, our junior artists took up the role. Some were in charge of egg painting, bottle painting, printmaking, face painting and caricature. It's excellent to see our junior artists in action, teaching and guiding the little ones on the egg, bottle painting and printmaking. It's even more accomplishing to see our junior artists drawing caricatures and doing face painting, in action! They now have the first hand experience of being a street artist, working on art with people watching them and they did it confidently and very well! Artistori is really proud of them.

Our art exhibition was a piece of installation art! We showcased our Tie-Dye series, Batik series, Drum & Drumskin series, Rainsticks, Mixed Media Canvas paintings, Grid-style Self Portrait paintings, Rooster of Barcelos paintings, Robot Pastel paintings, Print-making series, Terrarium Woodboard paintings and the a series of paintings that we sent for an international art competition. We took the opportunity to announce a few good news and one of them was about winning two bronze prizes for the international art competition. The winners, Xinyi and Luke, worked on a pastel drawing that was on a scene of a hawker centre and the other was on a dentist visit, respectively. Artistori is really proud because out of so many countries, our two little artists are the only Singaporeans that won prizes! We represented Singapore and have made Singapore proud!

It's great to see our little and junior artists' works being exhibited, their game designs fulfilled and brought out to be played with other kids having so much fun and while all these are happening, all of us are doing a part for charity! =D

For more details regarding Artistori Carnival - Artist Village and charity for M.I.N.D.S, please visit our events page through this link:

We shall be updating our events page next week on the amount we have raised for M.I.N.D.S. Artistori thank everyone who supported us in our carnival, for your donations to charity, making this event work and to all parents who endured the heat of the day! :p

Thank you very much!

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