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The Making of Terracotta Warriors

Widely acclaimed as the eighth wonder of the world, the incredible Terracotta Warriors is one of China's many great wonders and discoveries. Artistori is delighted to introduce to our little artists about this discovery, the history behind it, why they were made and most intriguingly, how they were made. Our little artists drew out their own Terracotta warriors and other clay figurines such as horses, weapons and stocks. Adding a little creativity, we asked them, what if one day, your Terracotta warrior comes to life, where are you going to bring him? They loved the idea and wanted to buy their warriors ice creams, hamburgers, introduce them to the iPad and video games, bring their warrior to Universal Studios and some wanted to share their toys with their warrior... We even plan and want to be that Clay master 2000 years old, to make a miniature size Terracotta Warrior, realizing the idea of a toy Terracotta Warrior coming to life, becoming our little artist's best friend...

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兵马俑是中国古代辉煌文明的一张金字名片,是世界考古史上最伟大的发现之一,被誉为“ 世界第八大奇迹 ”。今天,意言社把这个奇迹带到小画家们的身边,和他们一起回到千年以前,了解中国的历史文化,研究古人的精湛工艺,探究埋藏在地下千年的秘密。我们一起画兵马俑,学习用同色系的彩色铅笔来进行晕染彩色,并把千年前的勇士带到我们的世界,带他们去麦当劳 吃汉堡,教他们如何吃冰淇淋,陪他们玩lego,带他们去环球影城坐过山车…我们还要当一次工匠师,准备用泥土堆积出栩栩如生的兵马俑,带他真正进入我们的生活,让他感受我们现代发达的城市与科技,感受世界的和平与稳定。

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