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Earth Hour Lamp 2014

Earth Hour isn’t just about lights off; it’s about people across the world coming together throughout the year to join forces to improve the planet. Earth Hour gives you the power to inspire anyone, even if you’re just one person, and Earth Hour is much more than an hour. We are here in Artistori, doing our part for Earth. With Spiderman as ambassador, we inspired our little artists to write about using their power to save the earth. Through the story "What if the earth was eaten by us?", we discussed about what is happening to earth and what will happen if we don't protect our planet. Our little artists listened and discussed ths seriously. They began to have thoughts and perspectives on how they can save earth using their own power. Even a three year old girl who didn't know how to write, expressed herself using her own written language she created. They all want to use their power to save earth! Our little artists created their DIY earth and each have them expressed their earth from their hearts. We then bought them LED lights, explained how LED lights can save energy. With these LED lights, every little artists was amazed at how their earth became an earth hour lamp! Never underestimate your power; never underestimate what you can do. Join us and be a superhero! Use your power at! 地球日不仅仅是关灯那么简单,是涉及到整个世界的人们通过每一年聚集在一起来保护我们的星球! 地球日以蜘蛛侠为代言人并给你这种力量去影响着每个人。我们用这种精神去带动我们的小画家写下他们自己的语言。通过故事《如果地球被我们吃掉》一起讨论了现在地球上所发生的一切。 如果地球一点一点被我们吃掉将会怎样? 小画家们对于这个话题都严肃并认真对待,开始反思并发出他们内心的声音。甚至我们三岁多还不能书写的小画家们也热切的用她们自己的方式来表达内心对于保护地球的欲望! 我们DIY自己的地球,并在自己的地球上诠释我们内心对保护地球的渴望,并用LED灯来照亮地球呼吁更多的人们关注地球,保护我们的家园! 不要低估自己的力量,不要低估自己所能为地球做的! 成为超级英雄,和蜘蛛侠一起加入我们! 用你们的能力来保护地球! 意言社 Artistori 用艺术表达语言,让语言丰富艺术! Your Story, Your Art! #YourPower #EarthHour #UseYourPowerSG#EarthHourSG #SpiderMan

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