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Amazing Battlecries at Artistori Camp 2016 - A Display of High Morale!

Previously, the Zulu tribe needed help from our little artists to design a face paint in order to welcome the Baina tribes people from the mountains, rather than scare them away. The chief, Choya Nanbaskuta, was really happy to see the designs made by our little artists and because of the designs, they are now friends with the Baina tribe. They had a fun party, singing and dancing with them and are now exchanging our delicious fish meat with their delicious deer meat. However, the Zulu tribe village was destroyed by the Tsunami. Fortunately, most of the tribes people from the Zulu tribe village were warned earlier and left their own village to stay with the Baina tribe. So the chief once again seeked our little artists help to build a castle so that their people will not be left without a home when the Tsunami comes again.They had 4 designs but had no idea what it looks like in 3D. The chief needed the most united, smartest, fastest and strongest team to be the ones choosing. So, Artistori and the Zulu tribe created a mission challenge for our little artists, having 5 obstacle challenges for them to prove themselves as a united, smartest, fastest and strongest team. Team Octopus came in first, followed by Team Shark, Team Dolphin and finally Team Stingray. 4 prizes awaited them when they completed the challenge and they were really thrilled about the prizes. Team Octopus chose 2 large Hawaiian Pizzas, Team Shark chose the cake, Team Dolphin chose the 3 bottles of 100 Plus and Team Stingray chose the 8kg delicious watermelon. All shared and gone in a few minutes. The teachers didn't even have a chance to have them. They are not just the most united, smartest, fastest and strongest team but also the hungriest!

Other than the fun about Artistori Camp 2016, our little artists had a wonderful experience painting outdoors together with their parents. Their works are really amazing! This event went really successful because we had our little artists parents volunteering as Medics, Challenge Station IDs, photographers and some contributed financially and some brought food and drinks to share for the BBQ.

More photos are available at our Facebook Album:

Artistori sincerely thank everyone who contributed. Artistori teachers worked really hard for this event, created flags and bought snacks for their own team members. Kudos to all teachers! Please support our teachers and little artists by liking and sharing! Thank you!

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