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Character Determines Destiny 性格决定命运

Looking at their smiles from each portrait taken, you can feel their pride, joy, accomplishment and enthusiasm when they hold on this certificate.


Artistori Creative Mix Media Art programme Certificate in Artistic Flair
Certificate in Artistic Flair

Speaking from a perspective of a parent-teacher, Art is not just another school subject. Art creates events to show a child's natural ability with the process of making art and deciding what really is complete. Compare such an event with an adult taking on a job with the strong desire to fulfil ownership based on individual desires, principles and restrictions. Through the job, an adult takes on advice, learns new abilities and knowledge through colleagues and mentors, and eventually grow and overcome new challenges together with the company. The challenges we set in Artistori with our inquiry-based and emergent curriculum creates such events for every child.


A personal summary from the book "The Power of Habit" by Jack D. Hodge:

Ideas and thoughts determine behavior, behavior determines habit, habit determines character, and character determines destiny.

Jack D. Hodge 的《习惯的力量》一书中的个人总结:

“思想决定行为,行为决定习惯,习惯决定性格,性格决定命运。 “

As we impart new knowledge and skills Artistori artists, each individual receives it differently and we take this opportunity to share and communicate their differences together and holistically, new abilities, knowledge and topics are emerged. Children become more involved, knowing their artworks are unique and original to themselves, they own it and they want to improve their own work naturally, craving on "How can I improve?" and "What can be done?". This positive attitude is a character builder and becomes a good habit in a child's life on abilities such as problem-solving, creativity, self-learning, etc. This habit can eventually be reflected and applied onto their other academical subjects.

当我们向 意言社艺术家传授新的知识和技能时,每个人都会以不同的方式接受它,我们借此机会一起分享和交流他们的差异,从整体上讲,新的能力、知识和主题就会出现。孩子们变得更加投入,当他们投入创作时,他们渴望“我该如何改进?”和“可以做什么?”。这种积极的态度是性格的塑造者,并成为孩子生活中解决问题、创造力、自学等能力的好习惯。这种习惯最终可以反映并应用于他们的其他学科。

As Artistori little artists from Creative Mix Media Art programme upgrades to Creative Fine Art programme becoming junior artists, the curriculum becomes more engaging and creative with the opportunity for concept planning phases encompassing feelings, emotions, ideas, aspirations, etc.

随着来自多元创意项目的小艺术家升级为 创意专业项目到最终成为初级艺术家,课程变得更具吸引力和创造性,并有机会进行概念规划阶段,包括感受、情感、想法、愿望等。

As Artistori junior artists from Creative Fine Art programme upgrades to Creative Visual Art programme becoming young artists, the curriculum directs and guides them to the path of a developing artist with the opportunity for more intensive skill training that includes digital art, ceramics and pottery. With fine art as a base, their art works depicts their skills, styles and form. The inclusion of emotions, feelings and their own ideas creates value and meaning. Creative Visual Art programme produces young modern artists who have the skills, creativity and originality.


Congratulations my fellow Artistori artists!

Keep up the good work!




A glance at our programme level charts


Artistori Creative Mix Media Art Programme Level
Artistori Creative Mix Media Art Programme Level
Artistori Creative Fine Art Programme Level, previously known as Art Foundation
Artistori Creative Fine Art Programme Level, previously known as Art Foundation

Artistori Creative Visual Art Programme Level, previously known as Art Preneurship
Artistori Creative Visual Art Programme Level, previously known as Art Preneurship

Feel free to drop us a message or call us for further inquiries or in doubt!

Thank you!


Yours Sincerely,

Vernon Chen

Art is a journey, it never stops.

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