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Two Exciting New Programmes Launched

Artistori is proud to present two new art programmes for Adults and Children 7 years old and above. This two new programmes focuses on key skills of fine art and adds to portfolio creations.

1. Pottery Art

From cups, mugs, bowls, plates, vases to beautiful sculptures, immense yourselves and your children in the world of ceramics in our Pottery Art classes.

Our structured lessons and curriculum shall teach you the basics of pottery to advance pottery skills. From hand-building, using tools to sculpt, using the wheel to throw into perfection and to the art of glazing to create amazing and beautiful displays and dinnerware!

This is a class for kids 7 years old and above as well as adults too!

Every week once a week 2 hours per lesson, have lots of fun, be therapeutically accomplished and forget about everything else but just clay!

Have you always wanted to paint but too afraid to try? Or finding yourself clueless at the start? Artistori’s Advance Painting programme will develop your existing abilities and interest in painting and pave your way into the magical world of art and painting! You can learn to apply your first stroke on the canvas and start creating your painting one step at a time with in-depth guidance to help you improve your skills and your ability to achieve your expressive vision.

In this course, we teach adults and children how to master the art of painting in a progressively manner, based on your own pace of learning! Students will develop familiarity in the use of materials, mediums, learn how to observe, construct lines, and create blends, tones and colours under our teacher’s guidance. Basic to advanced concepts will be introduced in a comprehensive manner, which will help adults and children develop familiarity in the use of techniques that enhances visual communication and individual expression over time.

Aside from the acquisitions of various skills, artists will also inculcate a sense of observation, understanding, and appreciation of aesthetics in nature and in our environment. Come and sign up with us if you would like to learn and explore the beauty of painting in a fun and informative environment.

Contact us at 88765551 or send us a message here.

Visit our Facebook page to find out more:

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