为什么这么多明星都让孩子学画画? Why do celebrities send their children to learn art?

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Why does Lu Yi, Tian Liang, Guo Tao, Li Xiang and Huang Lei send their children to learn art? And why learn art?

What is arts education? It is a subtle process of learning that enhances a child’s foundational abilities, and what it’s purpose? It developments a child in culture, aesthetics, character, quality, allowing a child to gradually learn to appreciate the goodness of life, perceiving it as a vibrant world, embracing this world to enrich a child’s perspective and this can lead to many achievements in his/her life!

From a creative art perspective:

(1) It develops child’s senses. Painting/Sketching/Drawing relies mostly on observation and feel. Our senses play a big part in recognising what’s around us and everything that’s going on, a process of gaining knowledge gradually based on experience. Children learn through cognitive abilities, thinking or imagining an image related in their memories. Thus, the development of senses, learning about the things/topics/subjects through art expression is an ultimate advantage to develop children.

(2) It cultivates expression. Expressing, not just in words, but through visual helps with learning as it is a form of communication. Arts helps children express themselves fully, motivating them along the learning process in the favour of children’s emotional catharsis. Learning to improve aesthetics in their art works can cultivate children’s personality, making themselves feel more confident with good self-esteem.

(3) It cultivates creativity. Creativity is the future. Arts can cultivate an individual’s thought process through different perspectives, associations, improving problem solving abilities, enriching imaginations, enhancing planning capabilities and finding ways to be unique, to stand out. Thus, making an individual much more productive.

(4) It develops thinking skills. Through observation, children starts to think, to question, starts being curious and this simple activity is the key to promote the development of logical thinking. Children express their thoughts through arts after observing and this perception can inspire children in many ways of thinking.

(5) It promotes personality development. Without personality, there is no real artistic creation. Arts help to reflect an individual's values, developing self-esteem, self-discipline, self-motivation, self-awareness and initiative.

(6) With the use of different mediums and applying different techniques in arts, children become more interested in arts and this grants children alternative experiences in ways to create and with the more experiences exposed, children find more options to express through arts. This reflects on individual's way in dealing with life, where he/she learns to find various alternatives to try to tackle problems, making changes or exploring new possiblities rather than be stuck at not knowing what to do next.

(7) By introducing different cultures in arts, children learn to appreciate history through arts. Children understand relationships between the modern world he/she lives in today and how arts and culture plays a big part building it. Children learn to analyze and evaluate different cultures, improving their aesthetics sensibility and judgement.

(8) Arts enhances an individual's overall development, from observation, planning, thinking, being hands-on, knowing where to start, how to start, not being afraid to try or to change, when faced with problems, find new possibilities or techniques to tackle or go around it. It develops a person's personality to become self-disciplined, self-motivated and helps with concentration, staying focus.

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